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Classes are free, and do not require registration unless otherwise noted.


Meet the Experts & Learn From the Pros
Saturday, March 4; Early Bird Gardening

10am – 11am   Summer Bulbs for Your Garden
                       Easy and exotic color for any garden.
                       Presented by: Todd McNulty, Van Bloem Gardens

1pm – 2pm      Starting Plants from Seed
Do-it-yourself, save money and have fun.
                      Presented by: David Burnside, Botanical Interests Seed

3pm – 4pm     Turf Maintenance through the Year
                      4 steps to a perfect lawn. An easy routine that provides success.
                      Presented by: Daniel Chimeno, Ferti-lome

                              Meet the Experts:

                                    Van Bloem Gardens
                                   11am – 12 noon
                                    Botanical Interests Seed
                                   2pm – 3pm
                                    Lake Valley Seed
                                   2pm – 3pm

                                    Ferti-lome Fertilizers
                                   4pm – 5pm

                       Echter's Experts:

   Planning the Vegetable Garden
  Planning your garden gets you off to the right start for a successful
  season and helps you to avoid problems down the road.
  Instructor: Chris Doolittle
  Sunday, March 5, 11am – 12 noon

     Pruning Trees and Shrubs
     Learn the basics of what to prune, when to do the job, and how to prune
     properly to avoid common mistakes that can lead to problems later.
     Instructor: Brian Anglin
     Sunday March 5, 2pm – 3pm



Meet the Experts & Learn From the Pros
Saturday, March 11; Get Your Grow On

10am – 11am     The Secret Life of Soil
                         Healthy soil begins with natural products that nourish your
                         garden for a healthy environment for your plants.
                         Presented by: Rhiannon Spaw, Fox Farm

1pm – 2pm        Early Spring Punch List
                         Ready – Set – Garden! What to do in early spring to prepare
                         for a beautiful garden through the season. 
                         Pruning, garden clean up, bed preparation and more.
                         Presented by: Betty Cahill, Boulder County Master Gardener, Denver Post Columnist

 3pm – 4pm       Starting a Lawn from Seed
                         How to prepare soil, sow seed, and establish a beautiful lawn
                         Presented by: Norm Tuohy, Arkansas Valley Seed Co.

                              Meet the Experts:

                                    Fox Farm Fertilizers
                                   11am – 12 noon
                                    ProRich Fertilizers
                                   11am – 2pm
                                    Betty Cahill, Boulder Master Gardener
                                   2pm – 3pm
                                    Arkansas Valley Seed Co.
4pm – 5pm

                              Echter's Experts:

   Composting and Soil Improvement
   Recycle your yard waste and watch your garden thrive. 
   Learn how to create the “black gold” that nourishes your garden.
   Instructor: Jeff Echter
   Sunday, March 12, 11am – 12 noon

   Windowsill Herb Garden Workshop

   Plant a window box of tasty herbs to grow indoors now and outdoors
   later this spring. Fresh herbs are such a treat for the cook in the kitchen.
   Instructor: Whitney McMillan
   Sunday, March 12, 2pm – 3:30pm
   Registration and $40 Materials fee required. 
   Space is limited. Call to reserve at 303-424-7979


Meet the Experts & Learn From the Pros
Saturday, March 18: The Inside Dirt

10am – 11am     Orchids – Easier Than you Think
                         Beautiful, fascinating and surprisingly easy to grow. 
                         Learn about different varieties, tip to keep them healthy
                         and reblooming, as well as the basics of repotting.
                         Presented by: Shirlee McDaniels, The Denver Orchid Society

1pm – 2pm        This Herbs for You
                         Learn the basics about growing, harvesting and
                         preserving these popular plants.
                         Presented by: Donna Shelley, The Herb Society of America, Rocky Mountain Unit

3pm – 4pm        Succulents and Air Plants
                        These plants are the current trend setters for indoor gardeners. 
                        Our expert will share his expertise in growing & displaying
                        them for best effect.
                        Presented by: Scott Preusser, Horticulturist, Denver Botanic Gardens

                             Meet the Experts:

                                 The Denver Orchid Society
                                  11am – 12 noon
                                 The Herb Society of America
                                  2pm – 3pm
                                   Denver Botanic Gardens
                                  4pm – 5pm

                      Echter's Experts:

    Terrarium Workshop
     Plant your own garden in glass and add a lush element to your indoor dιcor. 
     Each attendee will take home a terrarium they make in class.
     Instructor: Chris Doolittle
     Sunday, March 19, 11am – 12:30pm
     Registration and $60 material fee required. 
     Space is limited. Call to reserve at 303-424-7979

    Fairy Garden Workshop
     Create a retreat for the fairies in your life and enjoy the magic. 
     You will take home a fairy garden you make in class.
     Instructor: Chris Doolittle
     Sunday, March 19, 2pm – 3:30pm
     Registration and $100 materials fee required. 
     Space is limited. Call to reserve at 303-424-7979


Meet the Experts & Learn From the Pros
Saturday, March 25; The Great Outdoor Garden

10am – 11am    Landscaping with the Natives
                        Native plants are dependable, durable, look good
                        and are right at home in your garden.
                        Presented by: Scott Skogerboe, Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery

1pm – 2pm       Perennials for Pollinators
                        The perennial garden is a busy place for pollinators,
                        so important to our environment. Learn what plants attract
                        what pollinators and tips for care and maintenance.
                        Presented by: Matt Cunningham, Britton Nursery

3pm – 4pm       Hardy Cactus and Succulents
                        Desert succulents such as agave, yucca and hardy cacti provide
                        significant year-round presence to your garden. Kelly will share
                        gardening know-how for using these water-wise plants in the garden.
                        Presented by: Kelly Grummons, Brown’s Greenhouse

                      Meet the Experts:

                                 Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery
                                  11am – 12 noon
                                 Beauty Beyond Belief Wildflower Seed
                                  11am – 1pm
                                   Britton Nursery
                                  2pm – 3pm
                                   Brown’s Nursery
                                  4pm – 5pm


       Bee Keeping for Beginners
 with Steve Lechner from Busy Bee Farms

       This class will cover everything you need to know about bee keeping. 
          Learn about housing, handling, harvesting, equipment, common
                problems, benefits and other questions you might have. 
        Bring a copy of Bee Keeping for Dummies and a note pad and pen. 
                      Presented by: Steve Lechner, Busy Bee Farm
                              Sunday, March 26, 10am – 2pm
        Registration Required, $65 fee. Lunch provided by Busy Bee Farm. 
                              Call to reserve at 303-424-7979

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