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Summer Bulbs for Your Garden

Add easy and spectacular color, height, texture,
and drama to the summer garden.
Presented by: Kevin Marshall, Netherland Bulb Co.
tarting Plants From Seed
Do it yourself, save money, and have fun when you follow
helpful tips and techniques for getting your garden started early.

Presented by: David Burnside, Botanical Interests Seed
The Secret Life of Soil
Learn about natural products that will nourish your garden
for a healthy environment for your plants.

Presented by: Annelise Waldeck, FoxFarm
Meet The Experts
11:00-12:00 Netherland Bulb Company
2:00-3:00 Botanical Interests Seeds
4:00-5:00 FoxFarm

Starting a Lawn from Seed

How to prepare soil, sow seed, and establish a beautiful lawn.
Presented by: Dillon Pike, Arkansas Valley Seed

This Herb's For You
Learn the basics about growing, harvesting, and preserving herbs.
Presented by: Mark Angelos, The Herb Society of America

Early Spring Punch List
Early spring preparations for a beautiful garden throughout the season.
Presented by: Betty Cahill, Denver Post Columnist

Meet The Experts
11:00-12:00 Arkansas Valley Seed
11:00-12:00 ProRich Fertilizers

2:00-3:00 The Herb Society of America
4:00-5:00 Betty Cahill, Denver Post Columnist

Orchids Easier Than You Think
Exotic, beautiful, and surprisingly easy to grow. Learn about different varieties,
tips to keep them healthy and reblooming, as well as the basics of repotting.

Presented by: Shirlee McDaniels, The Denver Orchid Society

Turf Maintenance Through the Year
Four steps to a perfect lawn. An easy routine that will lead to
a healthy green lawn year after year.

Presented by: David Chimeno, Ferti-lome

Trees and Shrubs for Colorado Gardens
Trees and shrubs are the backbone of the garden. Discover the
diversity, new varieties, and the tried-and-true that add value
and beauty to your home landscape.

Presented by: David Dickey, J. Frank Schmidt & Son, Woodburn Nursery

Meet The Experts
11:00-12:00 Denver Orchid Society
2:00-3:00 Ferti-lome
4:00-5:00  J. Frank Schmidt & Son, Woodburn Nursery

Landscaping with Natives
Native plants are dependable, durable, look good,
and are right at home in your garden.

Presented by: Scott Skogerboe, Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery

Perennials for Pollinators
Learn what perennials attract busy pollinators
and tips for their care and maintenance.

Presented by: Matt Cunningham, Britton Nursery

These plants are the most popular trend in indoor gardening.
Learn how to grow and display them for the best effect.

Presented by: Scott Preusser, Horticulturist, Denver Botanic Gardens

Meet The Experts
11:00-12:00 Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery
2:00-3:00 Britton Nursery
4:00-5:00  Denver Botanic Gardens

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