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 What is the difference between a seed geranium and a zonal geranium? Seed geraniums are grown from seeds. Zonal geraniums with darker zones on the leaves were grown from cuttings. Now some seed geraniums have zonal patterns as well. Breeding has improved both seed and cutting geraniums over the last 20 years. Both are excellent in the garden in sunny locations where they tolerate heat very well. Look more for the color you like and the finished size of plant you desire.

FuchsiaHow do I keep my flowers blooming all summer? Use a fertilizer that is lower in nitrogen, (the first number) and higher in phosphorus, and potassium, (the second & third numbers). Pinch off old flowers so the plant doesn't waste energy trying to produce seed.



How many plants does it take to fill my flower bed?                                Use this link to see our table.
Plants needed at different spacing

Annuals needed calculator

 What does deadheading mean? Deadheading refers to removing spent flowers from plant to prevent seed formation. This aids in maintaining vigor in the plant and continuation of formation of flower buds.

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