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How do I keep my fresh-cut tree fresh? Even though we have made a fresh cut and placed the tree in water before we sell it, we still recommend you give your tree a new fresh cut by cutting an inch off the bottom of the tree. We will do this for you free at the time you buy your tree. Place the tree in water as soon as you get home. Don't set it out in the sun. Make sure the tree is taking up water before you decorate it. Check the tree stand daily to make sure it is full of water. Larger tree stands don't need to be filled as often. The correct tree stand should hold at least 1 quart of water for each inch of trunk diameter. Keep your trees away from heat sources especially hot blowing air. Our Fraser firs stay fresh for the longest time. 

PoinsettiasHow do I care for my poinsettia? Check the plant daily. Water if the media in the pot feels dry to the touch. Water until water comes out the hole in the bottom of the pot. Don't let the plant sit in a pool of water. Take it out of the foil to water it or poke a hole in the foil underneath and place the plant in a saucer.  If you are only keeping the your poinsettias through the holidays, you don't need to fertilize them. The color of the bracts will stay brighter if the plants are kept out of direct sunlight.

Are poinsettias poisonous? No, but don't make a salad-they are not grown as edible plants. 

How many strings of lights can I plug in a series?                              Always check the manufacturer's amp and watt information to determine connection. For standard miniature lights, the limit is 3 sets plugged end-to-end. They also must be the same type of lights with the same count of bulbs per set. C7 and C9 have a maximum of 100 total bulbs connected together. GKI's LED lights are low voltage. You can string forty (40) 50-light sets or eighty (80) 35- or 25-light sets end-to-end. Do not interconnect different types of products. 

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