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Can I leave the peat pot on when I plant? In our dry climate in Colorado the peat pot does not disintegrate before the roots need to move out into the surrounding soil. If the plant is well rooted           (as it must be under Colorado law), the peat pot can easily be removed prior to planting. 

Is it ok to leave the wire basket on the tree when I plant it? Research has shown that after many years time, trees that were planted in wire baskets had roots that were girdled by the basket. First remove the pot, mulch, and plastic wrap from the outside of the wire basket. If you can remove the wire basket and set the tree in the hole without disturbing the roots, do so. Otherwise, set the tree in the planting hole where it is going to stay with the wire basket still on. Cut the wire basket from around the sides at least half way down. You can leave the bottom half attached underneath.

Red Maple

I want a tree with some bright fall color in my yard.  What would be a good choice?    
These are the the best for Denver metro area:

-Autumn Purple Ash-foliage turns maroon
-Autumn Blaze Maple-foliage turns orange/red           
-Red Sunset Maple-foliage turns orange/red           
-Green Mountain Sugar Maple
-Rocky Mountain Birch-foliage turns yellow
-Golden Rain Tree-seed pods turn coppery
-Hawthorns-good foliage color & red fruit
-Mountain Ash-orange/red fruit
-Newport Plum-foliage turns reddish
-Redbud-foliage turns yellow.


If you don't have room for a tree, but you still want more interest in your fall landscape, consider these fall shrubs:

-Mahonia (Oregon Holly Grape)-bronze foliage & blue berries
-Barberry-foliage turns orangey/red & red berries
-Coral Berry-berries: white, or coral colored
-Cotoneaster-some have great fall foliage, all have either red or black berries
-Mountain Mahogany-feathery seed heads
-Apache Plume-fuzzy seed heads
-Burning Bush-red foliage
-Sand Cherry-foliage turns coppery/red
-Sumac-orange to red foliage, red seed heads
-Viburnum-many have beautiful fall foliage & berries ranging from red to black
-Chokecherry-good fall color & red to black fruit
-Dogwood-foliage turns reddish, white fruit turning black, and brilliant red stems in winter
-Serviceberry-great foliage colors & berries
-Smokebush (Cotinus)-purple foliage turning yellow/orange
-Boston and Englemann Ivy-fabulous fall foliage

What can I plant to attract birds? They're happy to help themselves to things you plant for your family   to eat from like cherry, plum, crabapple trees, grapes, blackberries, raspberries, currants, gooseberries, thimbleberries, or elderberry. You could also plant dogwood, honeysuckle, grape holly, euonymus, kinnickinnick, beauty bush, pyracantha, sumac, buckthorn, serviceberry, hackberry, shrub roses, nannyberry, cranberry. You could also plant a hackberry or hawthorn tree.

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