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Pepper Varieties

  Variety Description Length In. (cm) Width In. (cm) Days to Maturity*
Bell Pepper
Sweet Green Bells        
Better Belle  Better Belle II High yields. Ripens from green to red. Thick-walled and tasty. Good for slicing, stuffing or baking. 4 1/2  (11) 4 1/2  (11) 75
Wonderbell Echter's Wonderbell Our best all-around pepper as well as our best selling bell. Superior in flavor, size and yield.  Green pepper that ripens to red. 4  (10) 3 1/2  (9) 70
Colorful Bell Sweet Colorful Bells        
Baby Bell Mix Baby Bell Mix Sweet and flavorful healthy snacks or salads. A mix of yellow, red and chocolate-colored peppers. Grow multiple plants to get the mix of colors. 2 1/2 (6) 1 1/2  (5) 80
Cal Wonder  Golden California Wonder Oblong sweet golden bell. Great in salads. 3  (8) 3 1/2  (9) 67
Orange Blaze  Orange Blaze Great flavor. Earliest maturing orange bell.
AAS winner. Disease resistant.
4  (10) 2  (5) 68
Purple Beauty Purple Beauty Adds beautiful purple color and sweet, zesty flavor to salads. 4 1/2  (11) 3 1/2  (9) 75
Red Knight  Red Knight
Dark green fruit mature to red early.
Best red bell. Disease resistant.
4  (10) 4 (10) 68
  Other Sweet Peppers        
Biscayne Pepper  Biscayne Improved (thicker and sweeter) cubanelle type that's wonderful for frying in olive oil. Yellow green fruit. 6  (15) 2 1/2  (6) 68
Corni di Toro  Corno di Toro Large heirloom Italian pepper named for it twisted shape like a bull's horn. Sweet and tangy taste. Use for frying, roasting and in sauces. 8  (20) 2  (5) 75
Marconi Giant Marconi 2001 AAS winner. Italian grilling pepper with a sweet, smoky flavor. Try roasted as well. 7  (18) 2  (5) 72
Gypsy Gypsy Good for eating fresh in salads. Yellow-green sweet chile. Like an Italian sweet pepper. 4  (10) 3  (8) 64
Lipstick Lipstick Sweet red for salsas, salads and roasting. Produces lots of fruits. 4 (10) 2  (5) 73
  Mad Hatter Whimsical green and red peppers resemble hats. Fruits are sweet, crisp and crunchy with a citrusy and refreshing flavor. Vigorous plants. 2 (5) 3 1/2  (9) 65
Suave Orange Pepper  Numex Suave Orange Has the citrus-like flavor of a habanero without the heat. 2  (5) 2  (5) 80
OrangeYouSweet  Orange You Sweet Hungarian cheese pepper type. Green fruit mature to bright orange. The flat round peppers are superb for stuffing and pickling. 2 (5) 3 (8) 70
Pimento Pimento Elite Sweet, thick-walled fruit. Used in canning.  Heart shaped. 4 1/2  (11) 3  (8) 85
Mellow Star Pepper Shishito Japanese snacking pepper. Stir fry or pan fry with a touch of oil and soy sauce, or use in tempura. Thin walls. 4  (10) 1 1/2  (4) 65
Spanish Spanish Spice More spicy than hot. Gourmet cook favorite for grilling and frying. Thin walled fruit. (8 (20) 2  (5) 68
Sweet Banana Sweet Banana Try fresh or pickled. 6  (15) 2  (5) 63
Sweet Cherry Sweet Cherry Good for pickling. 1 1/2  (4) 1 1/2  (4) 78
  Warm Chile Peppers        
Anaheim Anaheim New Mexican chile type. Very productive. Good for freezing and drying. Use as an accent for salads and dips. 8  (20) 2 1/2 (6) 75
Ancho101  Ancho 101 (Poblano) Perfect to stuff for chile rellenos. Mildly hot, heart-shaped fruit. Can be dried for chili powder. Ripens from dark green to rustred.. 4  (10) 2 1/2  (6)
Big Jim  Big Jim (NuMex) New Mexican chile type. A hint of heat, a ton of flavor. Good for roasting and frying. Good choice for rellenos. Freezes well. 7 (18) 2 (5) 70
Fooled You Fooled You Looks like a jalapeño and tastes like one without the heat. A gringo favorite. Use in mild salsas. 3  (8) 1  (3) 85
Mariachi Mariachi 2006 All America Selections Winner. Early and prolific with a mildly-hot flavor. Ripens from white to red. Cone shaped. Great for roasting on the grill 4  (10) 2  (5) 66
Padron Pepper Padron Spanish pepper. Harvest at 1 1/2" before they become hot. Serve sautéed in olive oil with a little sea salt and eat as tapas. 2 (5) 1  (3) 60
  Hot Chile Peppers        
Apache  Apache Super hot bright red fruit. Compact and attractive plant that can be grown in containers and/or for decoration. High yields. 1 1/2  (4) 1  (3) 65 
Basket of Fire Basket of Fire Productive and  compact plants can be grown in hanging baskets and containers. Small hot fruits mature from purple to yellow to orange to red. Dry or use fresh. 1  (3) 1/2  (1) 90
Habanero Caribbean Red Hot (Habanero) 40 times hotter than a jalapeño. Much hotter than its orange cousin. Brilliant red color and intense fiery heat. A classic ingredient in hot sauces. 3  (8) 1  (3) 100
  Cayenne Long Thin Plants produce heavy yields of long hot peppers. Fruits turn from green to brilliant when ripe. Good for seasoning when dry. 5  (13) 1  (3) 85
Jalapeno Early Jalapeño Dark green chile. Used for seasoning and nachos. 3  (8) 1 1/2  (4) 65
Ghost Ghost (Bhut Jolokia) Hottest pepper on the planet (Guinness record holder). Use caution even when handling these. Wrinkled fruits are used in ethnic cooking or where more spice is desired in foods. 3  (8) 1  (3) 90
Hungarian Yellow Hungarian Yellow Hot yellow waxy banana style pepper. Turns to orange then to red as it ripens. 5 1/2  (14) 1 1/2  (4) 70
Hot Cherry Large Hot Red Cherry Good for pickling and garnish 1 1/2  (4) 1 1/2  (4) 78
Serrano Chili Serrano Chili Good for salsa. Continuous fruiting. Slim chili with medium thick skin. 2 1/2  (6) 1/2  (1) 75
  Thai Super Chili
May be the hottest pepper of all. High yields. Compact attractive plants
Use fresh or preserved in oil or vinegar.
2 1/2  (6) 1/2  (1) 75

Tomato Vegetable Food

Improve your yields and pepper size. Use Ferti-lome Tomato & Vegetable Food at planting and through the season.


*Days to maturity is how long a plant takes to grow from seed to harvest. The fact we start the plants indoors, but Colorado is a cooler climate makes this number fairly close to the days from when you set starter plants into your garden. Use this as a relative term anyway and remember Denver normally has an 80 day growing season.

Availability of varieties may vary from day to day. Call for current availability.


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