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Bulk Soils, Hereís the Scoop

Echterís offers Top Soil Blend, Black Tea Compost, Garden Soil and Red Cedar Mulch sold by the scoop with our skid steer loader. These soil products are of the highest quality to ensure your plants the healthiest start possible. Each scoop is 1/2 cubic yard (or 13.5 cubic feet).

We can deliver up to 10 scoops or 5 cubic yards of any of our bulk soils per trip. Each trip is a separate delivery charge. Only one product per delivery, no split loads are possible.

We can only drop on the street in front of the site and someone must be at the site to sign for the delivery.
Minimum delivery charge is $75

Top Soil Blend
can be used for filling in low spots in unamended soil or for building a berm. 

Black Tea Compost should be mixed at the rate of 1 part compost to 2 parts native soil. You can spread it out two inches deep and then till it in to a depth of six inches. One scoop will cover 80 sq. ft. of area.

Planter's Mix is used to fill large & deep outdoor planter beds or for low areas in a prepared garden.

Expanded Shale is a long-lasting soil amendment that loosens and aerates clay soils. It provides aeration from within the shale particles. Spread it 1 inch deep and till it into the top 4 inches of soil. Use in combination with compost for the best results. 1 of our scoops will cover 160 sq. ft. of area.

For shallow raised beds or in the top layer of a deep raised bed, use Echter's Raised Bed Mix available in 60 qt. (2.33 cu. ft.) bags

For outdoor planter boxes, containers, and hanging baskets use Echter's Outdoor Container Mix available in 30 qt. bags and 60 qt. (2.33 cu. ft.) bags.


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