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Water Garden
Water gardens add a whole new dimension to your garden. They can be as large as a pond or as small
as a barrel garden. Water gardens refresh and cool
the atmosphere and provide habitat for fish, plants
and wildlife. Relax next to your private oasis and the stress of the day disappears. At Echterís youíll find everything you need to create, plant, and maintain
a perfect water garden. Do some dreaming, a little planning, then come to Echterís where we can make your dream a reality.


Once you know the size and shape of pond you want, let the friendly folks at Echterís help you determine the materials you will need and features you might
want to include. We can help you choose between a preformed fiberglass pool
and a strong 45 mil thick flexible liner.

The heart of your water garden, the filter, is very important. By choosing the right filtering system to balance your fish and plant population, you assure yourself of having the clearest water possible and the greatest enjoyment
of your water feature.


Weíll also help you select the proper size pump to operate  
your filter, waterfall, stream or fountain. We can tell you  
about energy-saving Pondmaster Supreme magnetic  
drive pumps which cost much less to operate. 

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