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Harvesting Herbs
Herb What to Harvest When to Harvest
Angelica Leaves
Anise Leaves Anytime
Basil Fresh young leaves Just as they open-older leaves are sharper in taste.
Borage Young leaves
Just as they open
Chamomile Blossoms Only on sunny days and dry slowly on racks
Caraway Seeds Cut plant when brown
Chervil Young leaves Before plant blooms
Comfrey Young leaves
In May
Dig in early spring & late autumn.
Coriander/Cilantro Young leaves
Cut blossoms just before they become dry,brown, & ripe.
Costmary Leaves Anytime before plant blooms
Dill Leaves
Early summer to fall
Pick dry blossoms when brown.
Fennel Young leaves
Cut flowers when brown & dry.
Garlic   Dig when foliage is yellow and dry.
Hyssop Leaves
Blossom Stalk
After opening
Lemon Balm Leaves
Blossom stalk
Just after opening
Lovage Leaves Anytime before blooming.
Marjoram Leaves Anytime-leaves become extra spicy during bloom.
Mint Leaves Anytime
Multiplier Onions Bulblets When top dries
Oregano Young leaves Anytime
Parsley Young leaves before blooming.
Root parsley
Before blooming

End of fall
Rosemary Leaves or springs Anytime
Rue Leaves Anytime
Sage Leaves Anytime before freezing
Summer Savory Young leaves anytime Cut twigs just before or during blooming to dry.
Winter Savory Leaves or twings Anytime-pick and dry before blooming
Sorrel Young leaves Anytime
Tansy Cut &dry entire plant Anytime in summer
Tarragon Leaves Before Blooming (Flavor weakens when dried)
Thyme Leaves Anytime
Valerian Roots Dig in Fall
Mugwort Leaves Before Blooming
Watercress Leaves Anytime

  When harvesting, take no more than 1/2 to 1/3 of the plant. 
Harvest in the early morning or early evening.

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