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Choosing a Grill


The first decision is gas, charcoal, or wood pellets. Weber has this advice: If you are convinced there's nothing like the taste and smell of food grilled over hot coals? If you take a certain pride in your ability to get the fire started and keep it properly tended while you cook? If you need that hands-on, primal experience? Choose charcoal.

If you want a perfect fire at the push of a button? Do you appreciate the precision temperature adjustments gas grills can provide? Would you rather avoid the whole charcoal set-up and the post-cookout ashes?  While gas grills are initially more expensive, they generally cost less to operate in the long run.

Taste tests indicate there's no significant flavor difference between charcoal and gas. The choice is strictly personal. 

Hardwood pellets can give a mouth-watering smoky flavor to foods.

Natural Gas or Propane: Natural Gas is very convenient and you never run out of gas in the middle of cooking a meal. How often do you grill? Do you have a natural gas outlet where you plan to grill? If not are you willing to pay several hundred dollars to pipe the gas to your grilling area? Will you always grill in the same spot or do you plan to move your grill around. Will you stay in your house for years to come? 

Grill MasterCooking Area: How many people in your family? How often do you entertain.  How many people do you cook for when you invite guests?Be sure you have multiple burners in a larger grill so you can cook smaller meals efficiently when needed.

Heat Output: Do you like to char your steaks to seal in the juices? Is even cooking without flare-ups more important? BTUs measure how much gas a grill burns, not how hot it heats. Efficient grills can heat with fewer BTUs.

Cooking Grate: Is it thick enough to sear the meat? How easy is it to clean between uses?

Work Areas: Do you baste your meat? Add vegetables at different times? Do you prepare dishes while your food is grilling?

Side Burner: Do you like to keep sauces warm as you grill? You can use a side burner for side dishes as well.

Rotisserie: Rotisserie cooking is very popular today. It is a healthy way to cook.


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