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September is for Planting

Fall LeavesTake advantage of the cool dry weather that awaits the fall gardener. Most people find that fall is a more relaxed time to add plants to the landscape. Early fall is also a great time to plant trees, shrubs, perennials and roses. Plants are under less stress going into the cooler fall season. Even as the weather cools the roots of trees and shrubs continue to grow until the ground freezes. Plants will get a head start over those planted the following spring. Couple this with the sale prices that are found each September and it adds up to be a terrific time to plant. Savings are typically 20% to 40% off all our trees, flowering shrubs, evergreens, fruit trees during September in our nursery yard. These sale-priced plants still come with our incredible two-year warranty.

Be sure to water your newly planted plant at least once a month throughout the winter especially on South exposures and during those warm windy period we have each winter.

Spring blooming bulbs are planted in the fall as well. Bulbs arrive at Echter's the first week of September each year direct from the finest growers in Holland. We have hundreds of the best varieties. Most of our top-sized bulbs are displayed in bulk bins so you can inspect each one. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus, and many important minor bulbs must be planted in the fall to be ready for blooming next spring.

Perfect Partners spring-flowering bulbs. Perfect Partners are unique combinations of bulbs that complement each other and bloom at the same time so that the combination truly works.

Lover's Blend Tulips


With varieties like Passionale, Dreaming Maid, and Red Lips this is the combination called Lover's Blend.


Double Duo Daffodils



Double Daffodil Duo is a gorgeous combination of two of the most popular double daffodils, Replete and White Lion.



Garden Mums


Echter's-grown garden mums are gorgeous. Plant them outdoors and enjoy the full color show. Put some in patio pots as well.







Icebreaker Pansies


Icebreaker pansies are our exclusive selection of winter-hardy pansies. Plant them in September and they will continue to bloom late into fall. If you mulch them, they will come back again early the next spring and provide lots of color until the heat of summer sets in.





Flowering Kale

Flowering kale is another interesting plant to use in fall. The colorful leaves really stand out as the weather cools. Create patterns with the red and white varieties.


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