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$14.95 - Foxfarm Big Bloom

A carefully selected blend of fertilizers formulated to support multiple blooms
and seed formations. This liquid plant food supplies nutrients that your plants
can access immediately. Contains bat guano and earthworm castings for a
nutrient-rich mix that helps your plants thrive.  
One pint. Reg. $19.95

$11.95 - Rabbit's Foot Fern

Named for the furry rhizomes that extend over the pot's edge,
the rabbit's foot fern is an easy-to-grow houseplant
for a low-humidity environment.  
414 mL (3.5" diam.) pot. Reg. $15.95

$4.99 - Black Gold All Purpose Potting Soil

This nutrient-rich blend is great for indoor and outdoor container plantings.
It retains moisture, drains excess water, and is formulated with a
controlled-release fertilizer that feeds plants for up to six months.  
8 qt. Reg. $6.99

$8.99 - Star Power Sansevieria

When viewed from above, the leaves of this miniature snake plant
form a star shape. Perfect for a coffee table accent, it prefers
indirect light and moderate watering.  
414 mL (3.5" diam.) pot. Reg. $11.95

$9.95 - Curly Cue Mealworm Feeders

Holds a variety of mealworms, seeds, jelly, and fruit. Glazed metal
construction. Hangs easily. Choose from: purple, green, pink, or blue.  
Reg. $12.95

$11.95 - Norfolk Island Pine 

     Often grown as a living Christmas tree, this graceful member of the
 evergreen family will fit into any room as a lively foliage plant year round.
 Prefers medium to bright indirect light and moderate watering.
414 mL (3.5" diam.) pot. Reg. $15.95

$19.95 - Ruby Red Rubber Tree 

     A striking houseplant that's easy to care for! Deep green leaves
with cream variegation and new foliage features
a ruby red glow. Thrives in bright indirect light.
414 mL (3.5" diam.) pot. Reg. $26.95

rubber tree

$5.99 - Ferti-lome Organic Seed & Cutting Mix

     A fine-screened lightweight soil formula, including black peat and fine perlite,
that optimizes germination conditions. The ideal starter formula for
starting seeds and rooting leaf, stem, and root cuttings.
4 qt. Reg. $7.99

$4.99 - Spanish Moss

     Ideal for covering soil or dressing container plants, bulbs and orchids.
Washed and cleaned to remove dust and small particles.
350 cu. in. Reg. $6.99

$9.95 - Butterfly Stepping Stone

     Embossed butterfly with textured detail graces this rustic-style stepping stone.
The level base nestles perfectly into the garden. Place several in a line to form a beautiful pathway. Durable concrete construction with hand-cast artisan finish.
Reg. $12.95

$3.99 - Pico Shroomyz

These tiny glazed ceramic mushrooms are perfect for bringing a bright
pop of color to houseplants and fairy gardens. Available in over thirty rich
and unique colors, these tiny members of the Shroomyz family will be
perfect no matter where they're planted.  
1" high. Reg. $4.99

$7.99 - Boulder Owls

Add a touch of whimsy to your décor with these tiny stone owls! All natural
boulder body with hand carved accents and smooth features. Each owl
is unique with its own color, shape and personality.
2" high. Reg. $9.95

$6.99 - Lucky Bamboo Fertilizer

2-2-2 formula is an effective fertilizer that helps bamboo plants establish
faster. Designed for plants growing in containers.  
8 oz. Reg. $8.99

$5.99 - Chocolate Nutty Caramel Clusters

Milk chocolate roasted peanut clusters gushing with a layer of decadent
caramel. One bite and you'll be hooked!  
5 oz. Reg. $7.99

$6.99 -  Mustard Tarragon White Cheddar Popcorn

     Bright flavors of tangy yellow mustard, buttersweet tarragon,
 savory garlic, and spicy white pepper. It's flavor heaven!
2.5 oz. Reg. $8.99

20% Off - Indoor/Outdoor Pillows

     Freshen up your garden sanctuary indoors or out with colorful pillow accents. Climaweave construction means they're durable enough to enjoy season
after season on your deck, patio, porch, or indoors. 100% polyester.
Available in an assortment of designs, colors, and sizes.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free - LED Light Bulbs 

     Designed and engineered for savings and function, Bits LED Bulbs are
up to 80% more efficient than incandescent or halogen bulbs.
Choose daylight or soft white spectrums.
4/pk. Reg. $.99

$6.99 - Soil Scoop

     This sturdy metal Soil Scoop is designed for many all-around gardening needs.
It features a serrated edge with a pointed tip. Comfort grip handle.
Reg. $8.99

$34.95 - Red Jewel Hummingbird Feeder

An elegant, vintage-style red glass bottle design features hummingbird motifs
that add a splash of bygone beauty to your backyard. Polished copper accents
and wrap-around perching space with five metal flower feeding ports.   
20 oz.capacity. Reg. $46.95

30% Off - Clay Bell Pots

Breathable terra cotta clay in a graceful bell shape fits effortlessly
into any indoor or outdoor garden space. All-natural, UV-resistant.
Matching saucers available. Choose 11" or 15" sizes.  

$5.99 - Humidity Tray

Helps protect furniture and provides humidity around plants.
Low profile silhouette in ceramic construction with a matte black finish.  
8". Reg. $8.99

$19.95 - Lacey Head Planter

Add a little personality to your indoor jungle with this half-face planter.
Glazed ceramic with round top opening for easy placement of plants.  
Drainage hole provided.
9". Reg. $26.95



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