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$4.49 - Mini Cyclamen

Displaying tiny pink, red, or white blooms and heart-shaped leaves on 6" stems.
The perfect accent for your indoor fairy garden, or lovely as a gift.  
61 mL (2" diam.) pot. Reg. $5.99

$17.95 - FlexRake Leaf Rake

This 19" leaf rake has heat-treated spring-steel tines that resist kinking.
The tines are wide and curved to avoid clogging. 48" oak handle.  
Reg. $23.95

$4.99 - Paul Scherer Triumph Tulips

Stunning purple-black blooms make a bold statement in the mid-spring garden.
Paul Scherer has strong, sturdy stems and looks fabulous as a cut flower
for spring bouquets.  
Bag of 10. Reg. $6.99

$21.95 - Mat Mate Inserts

These interchangeable doormats have a non-slip rubber backing, and a durable polyester top --- perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Each insert is permanently dyed, using superior printing techniques for vibrant, long-lasting color.
Add elegance to your doorstep with the optional decorative tray (sold separately).   
Reg. $27.95

20% Off - Bonsai Trees

Beautifully sculptured and nurtured with care, bonsai trees are more than just
small trees. Each is an individual work of art. They offer a sense of calm and serenity
to your environment, and with proper attention, can last for many years.
Available in everything from unfinished starter pots to finished ceramics.
Assorted sizes available.

$3.99 - Pico Shroomyz Mushrooms 

Frost-proof, ceramic miniature garden art!
These tiny (1" high), colorful mushrooms are a
fun addition to any fairy garden. Available in assorted colors.
Reg. $4.99

$4.49 - Forever Succulents

     What's not to love? These artificial succulents are adorable, fun,
and forever green! Realistic looking in color and texture
with a variety of shapes and textures to choose from.
Reg. $5.99

$9.95 - Herman Wehling Whirlers

     Beautiful, handmade soda-can wind spinners. Each is unique.
Can be suspended from a tree or garden hook.
Reg. $13.95

$8.99 - Sunguard UV Protectant

     Protect the look and longevity of your outdoor decor with this
easy-to-apply spray. Provides a protective coating to poly-resin,
 fiberglass, metal, wood, plastic, and concrete to protect
against harmful UV rays that would cause fading over time.
Reg. $11.95

$6.99 - Fruit Fly Trap

     Attractive apple-shaped trap looks great in any kitchen!
It safely and quickly eliminates fruit flies. Flies that enter the trap
cannot escape to continue breeding and multiplying.
Fast-acting, non-toxic, and ready to use.
Reg. $8.99

$27.95 - Honey Butter Gift Box

When it comes to comfort food, nothing compares to a warm biscuit smothered
in honey butter! Made with bits of Texas pecans that are sure to hit the spot!
Set includes pecan, raspberry pecan, strawberry pecan, and blueberry pecan.  
Contains 4, 4 oz. jars. Reg. $34.95

20% Off - Lucky Bamboo

Straight, corkscrew, or spiral stalks will add color
and texture to your home, or office.
Assorted sizes.

$6.99 - Black Gold Garden Compost Blend

A mixture of aged compost, bark, and sphagnum peat moss. Improves moisture
retention, aeration, and drainage. Uses no animal waste products.
OMRI listed for organic gardening.  
1 cu. ft. Reg. $8.99

$2.99 - Decorative Scoria

Scoria is a volcanic pebble with air pockets that is lightweight and
prized for its drainage properties. Great for cactus and succulents.
2 qt. Reg. $3.99

$12.95 - Sphagnum Peat Moss

This excellent soil amendment loosens clay and holds moisture for your plants.
Used in most professional soil mixes.
Compressed bales will expand greatly when loosened up.  
2.2 cu. ft. Reg. $15.95

$5.99 - Music Hardneck Garlic

     Rich aromatic flavor makes this one of the best-known and
 most sought-after varieties!
 Easy to grow. An excellent choice for first-time growers.
Bag of 2. Reg. $7.99

$4.99 - Dutch Master Narcissus Bulbs

     Dutch Master is the most widely-grown daffodil in the world!
Huge flowers are a clear, bright yellow with long trumpets.
Provides a dependable display of early spring color.
 An excellent choice for naturalizing.
Bag of 8. Reg. $6.99

$7.99 - Gladiator Allium Bulbs

     This majestic allium produces sweet-scented globe-like flowers of up
 to six inches in diameter! Planted in autumn, it blooms the following
spring into early summer. Its impressive size and color make it an
excellent choice for cut-flower or dried flower arrangements.
Bag of 2. Reg. $9.95

$3.99 - Bellingham Latex Gloves

     Lightweight nylon knit with breathable palm coat.
Protect hands while allowing air to circulate.
 Three attractive styles are washable and durable.
Reg. $4.99

$5.99 - Pearl Watering Can

     This 1/2-gallon indoor watering can is creatively crafted from high-grade plastic. Innovative curved-loop handle is designed to make it easier to pour water comfortably. Long-stem spout and small opening allows you to control the water flow.
Reg. $7.99

$39.95 - Composter Sak

Turn kitchen and yard waste into soil-enriching compost with this 100-gallon fabric composting sack. Affordable and reusable, its porous fabric allows complete
aeration of contents for optimal composting.  
Reg. $54.95

$5.99 - Sweet Corn Squirrelog Refill

Your fluffy friends will love this log made of 100% sweet corn!
Completely consumable and easy to use, and there's no mess
to clean up afterwards. One log can replace 12-24 ears of corn.  
32 oz. Reg. $7.99

$29.95 - Sizzle N' Heat Birdseed

An effective squirrel deterrent! While squirrels may still visit the feeder, once they get
a taste of the hot seeds in this mix, most will look for other sources of food. Filled with the same highly-desired ingredients birds love, with none of the filler ingredients.
14 lb. Reg. $36.95

$4.49 - Woodpecker Nuthatch N' Chickadee Block

A special treat for all wild birds. Hang or feed on the ground.
Made with real fruits and nuts. No milo and no millet.
13 oz. Reg. $5.99



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