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$9.95 -  Swiss Cheese Philodendron

This plant gets its nickname from the large holes in its leaves, which
resemble Swiss cheese. It’s notoriously easy to care for & loves to climb.
Providing it with a stake, moss stick, or trellis that it can cling to can lead
to some beautiful displays. Will be happy in a spot with bright, indirect light. 
414 mL (3.5" diam.) pot. Reg. $13.95

$7.99 - Tomato Tone

An all-natural and organic plant food enhanced with thousands of living
microbes. It's perfect for all tomatoes, helps prevent blossom end rot,
and provides a safe, continuous, and complete balanced feeding.
4 lb. Reg. $9.95

$129 - Crimson Sunset Maple Tree

Only reaching a height about half of it's maple cousins, Crimson
Sunset is perfect for smaller yards and slender spaces. The deep
purple leaves have enhanced scorch resistance and turn bright
red and bronze in the autumn for a spectacular finale of color!   
23 L (13" diam.) pot. Reg. $169

$449 - Shoreline Adirondack Chair

This design features a relaxed seat with a contoured back.
It's constructed from recycled poly-lumber that won't rot, warp,
or corrode. It cleans easily with soap and water. Choose from:
Lagoon (pictured), Sage, Red, Weathered Wood, and Redwood.  
Reg. $599

$5.99 - Indian Summer Rudbeckia

Long, golden-yellow rays surround chocolate-black centers.
Blooms from July through September and is followed by mahogany
foliage in the fall. Creates a fine display on substantial plants.  
1 L (4" sq.) pot. Reg. $7.99

$24.95 - Madera Cylinder Planter 

     Add a pop of color and style to your indoor gardens with this sleek
cover pot! Ocean blue matte finish is accented with faux wood.
Easily accommodates a plant in a 5.5" growing pot.
6.5" high. Reg. $32.95

$6.99 - Durham Planter

     Combine texture & style with this glazed ceramic planter.
Flower pot shape featuring drainage hole and attached saucer.
Choose from: purple, blue, gray, or mint.
4" high. Reg. $9.95

$7.99 - Four Seasons Solar Stake Light

     Features a brushed stainless-steel finish with a clear, ribbed lens. This corrosion-resistant, weatherproof design is easy to install with no assembly or wiring.
Uses the sun's natural energy, it runs for 8 hours on a full charge.
 Turns on and off automatically.
Size: 10.5" high. Reg. $9.95

$9.95 - Herman Wehling Whirlers

     Made from upcycled aluminum cans, these colorful
whirlers are a whimsical addition to your garden or porch.
Reg. $13.95

$17.95 - Neem Oil

     An all-purpose insecticide, miticide, & fungicide for organic gardening.
Derived from the neem seed. Use on roses, flowers, vegetables, herbs,
houseplants, trees, turf and shrubs. Kills all stages of insects —
eggs, larvae and adults. Makes a great dormant spray.
16 oz. conc. Reg. $23.95

$9.95 - FoxFarm Big Bloom Fertilizer

Formulated to support multiple blooms. This liquid plant food supplies nutrients
that your plants can access immediately. Contains bat guano and earthworm
castings. Bat guano has been used for centuries as a fertilizer for a
ll kinds of plants. Combined with earthworm castings, it creates a
nutrient-rich mix that helps your plants thrive.  
16 oz. Reg. $12.95

$7.99 - Bee's Wrap

A natural alternative to plastic wrap! Use these natural wraps anywhere
you'd reach for plastic. Made with cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin.
Bee’s Wrap is washable, reusable and fully compostable.  
Single medium. Reg. $9.95

$9.95 - Cinnamon Creamed Honey

Wonderfully smooth & delicious creamed honey with a hint of cinnamon.
Use on breads and cereals hot or cold, and in your favorite recipes.
Treat yourself to pure, local honey — straight from the hives in
Larkspur, Colorado. Buying local never tasted so good!  
12 oz. Reg. $13.95

$4.99 - Greek Oregano

Enjoy hearty oregano flavor on pizza, in egg dishes, and in tomato sauces.
Greek oregano features strongly aromatic and flavorful dark green leaves
with small, white flowers. Harvest anytime, but especially as the stems begin
to get tall and are getting ready to flower — that's when the leaves are the
most flavorful. Cut it back several times during the growing season to
harvest the leaves from the stems. Good for container plantings.  
515 mL (3" sq.) pot. Reg. $6.99

$19.95 - Black Gold All Purpose Potting Soil

This nutrient-rich blend is great for indoor and outdoor container plantings.
It provides superior moisture retention, excellent drainage, and is formulated
with a controlled-release fertilizer that feeds plants for up to six months.  
2 cu. ft. Reg. $24.95

$3.99 - Earth Essentials Top Soil

     This premium mix contains compost, bark fines, and soil. Use it to fill in
low spots in the lawn, or as an addition to garden soil.
1 cu. ft. Reg. $4.99

$5.99 - Second Harvest Mulch Red

     Naturally-dyed red landscape mulch made from recycled hardwoods,
and dyed with a colorant that lasts for several years. This shredded mulch
will help retain moisture in the soil and help inhibit the growth of weeds.
2 cu. ft. Reg. $6.99

$44.95 - Pumpkin St. John's Wort

     Small and dense shrub with upright habit. Bright yellow flowers
in spring and massive clusters of apple red berries in the fall.
Hardy and rust resistant. Height reaches 2-'3 ft.
6.1 L (8" diam.) pot. Reg. $59.95

$44.95 - Western Sandcherry

     Fragrant white blooms on this shrub in spring. Berries attract birds
 in summer. Native shrub that grows to 5' tall.
12 L (10" diam.) pot. Reg. $59.95

$4.49 - Sunjel Citronella Gel Fuel

     Natural bug-repelling citronella gel fuel wards off insects on hot summer nights,
while the golden 7 in. flame and soothing crackling sound offers the warmth
and mood of a traditional fire pit, without the mess! Each can burns
for 2-3 hours. Clean burning, smokeless, and odorless.
13 oz. Reg. $5.99

$7.99 - Rondo Mix Penstemon

A vibrant mix of penstemons with pink, red, and violet flowers.
These 16-inch tall perennials bloom from July to September.
Flowers the first year when started early.   
1 L (4" sq.) pot. Reg. $9.95

$17.95 - Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed

Black Beauty Ultra combines tall fescue seed varieties with Kentucky bluegrass
to fill in bare spots quickly and invigorate worn-out lawns. Also contains
premium perennial ryegrass for fast germination and wear tolerance in
lawns that experience heavy traffic. Germinates quickly, and fills in
damaged lawn areas with a naturally dark-green turf.  
3 lb. Reg. $21.95

25% Off - Surface Protector Mats

Natural cork plant mat with a specially-designed bottom that
allows air flow under the mat. Protects furniture and floors,
eliminates scratches and prevents moisture damage.  

$6.99 - Rapitest Soil Moisture Meter

Ensure your plants receive neither too little nor too much water
with this soil moisture meter. Simple design with stainless steel
probe measures moisture level in soil on a scale of 1-4 (dry-wet).
No batteries are required for operation.  
Reg. $8.99

$11.95 - Wave Trellis

Four vertical rods form a narrow base. The rods fan outward as they rise,
each finishing with a large curl. Narrow bottom fits perfectly in planters
and provides a sturdy support for vining plants. Made from durable,
weather-resistant, round-stock steel.  
48" x 16" Reg. $14.95

$14.95 - Dandelion Weeder 

     The True Temper dandelion weeder is great for removing dandelions
and other weeds from lawns and landscape beds. The V-notched blade
is sharp enough to cut the roots deep below the surface. A leather
lanyard makes storage easy. 36" hardwood handle.
Reg. $19.95

$1.99 -  Woodpecker Treat Suet Cake

     Woodpecker Treat attracts wild birds year round. Simply remove the wrap,
and insert into your suet cake feeder to attract a variety of birds. It's made
with rendered beef suet, roasted peanuts, almonds, pecans, corn and oats.
11 oz. Reg. $2.99

$4.99 - Bird Seed & Nut Ornaments

     A decorative treat with two premium blends loaded with pecans to attract
a wide variety of your favorite birds. These solid seed & nut ornaments
with jute hanger and bright red raffia bow are fully edible. The birds eat it all!
4" diam. Reg. $6.99

$13.95 - Deck, Porch, &  Patio Bird Seed Blend 

     Keep birds coming back with Deck Porch N' Patio Wild Bird Food. This elite,
 zero-waste wild bird food is blended to attract the most desirable outdoor pets.
 With no hulls and no fillers, it’s designed to prevent any seed growth
 under your feeder and give you the leanest feeding experience available
 in your outdoor living areas.
5 lb. Reg. $17.95



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