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Friday, May 20 - Thursday, May 26

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$5.99 - Regatta Marine Blue Lobelia

A superior, quick blooming trailing variety. Does not produce grassy
centers and continues to look good and flower heavily all summer.
They are superb performers in hanging baskets or borders.
4 pack ( 4 x 182 mL pots). Reg. $6.99

$9.95 - Ferti-lome Tomato & Vegetable Fertilizer

Provides essential nutrients for better growth, better flavor, and larger
harvest by supplying plant food plus secondary nutrients to produce
vigorous tomato and vegetable plants.  
4 lb. Reg. $13.95

$6.99 - Spring Fever Yellow Poppy

This fast-growing perennial has great flower power, producing volumes
of stunning, long-lasting yellow blooms. Beautiful massed as a border planting.  
1 L (4" sq.) pot. Reg. $8.99

$59.95 - Foldaway Kneeler Seats

As versatile as they are handy, foldaway kneeler seats may be used
as a kneeler pad or garden seat. Perfect for gardening! Durable powder-coated
steel with a thick foam pad and legs that may be used as handles or legs.  
Reg. $79.95

$3.49 - Lemon Balm

A prolific herb with a clean, lemony scent. Also beneficial for your garden
as it attracts pollinators. Lemon-scented leaves are commonly used for
making tea, but also great for adding to salads, sauces, and ice creams.  
250 mL (2.5" sq.) pot. Reg. $4.49

$3.99 - Matrix White Blotch Pansy

     Prized for their vibrant, large blooms and consistent growth throughout the cooler season. These low-maintenance plants allow for easy care for your garden,
containers, and landscape allowing maximum growth with little effort.
4 pack ( 4 x 182 mL pots). Reg. $4.99

$14.95 - Pet Pals Lop Ear Rabbits

     The most realistic garden bunnies you'll find! Intricately detailed, hand
finished, and extremely realistic. Made from durable resin materials,
so they're frost resistant and perfect for use indoors or out.
Reg. $18.95

$9.95 - Boulder Owl Statues

     These adorable one-of-a-kind carved stone owls were created after
seeing similar "species" perched on the fence of an old farmhouse.
They're great accent pieces around your garden or in your home.
4" high. Reg. $12.95

$7.99 - Espoma Berry Tone

     Long-lasting, slow-release feeding with Espoma's
Bio-tone Microbes. Grow larger plants with more fruit.
4 lb. Reg. $9.95

$11.95 - Sunguard UV Protectant

      Helps extend the life of outdoor decor. The strong UV inhibitors
protects all types of outdoor decor against fading, peeling and
cracking. One can covers 25 sq. ft. on non-porous surfaces.
Reg. $14.95

$11.95 - DLX Hand Weeder

Easier weeding with 6" serrated blade and forked tip. Ergonomic
grips minimize hand stress with anti-slip thumb riser and finger
guard for greater stability and control.  
Reg. $14.95

$9.95 - Smilia Watering Can

Made of high-quality plastic, this sleek European design makes indoor
watering stylish, while the ergonomic form means plants are watered precisely.  
Reg. $13.95

$13.95 - Bite Fighter Torch Fuel

Stock up for summer evenings to come! This citronella and cedar formula
provides proven mosquito repellency and works with most TIKI brand torches
and table torches. One 50 oz. bottle can fill four 12 oz torch fuel canisters.  
50 oz. Reg. $17.95

$5.99 - Karma Can Cooler

Keep summer drinks ice cold in style with these fun can coolers.
Available in a range of fun designs, they'll fit standard 12 oz. cans.  
Reg. $7.99

$29.95 - Brazil Philodendron

Dark green foliage with lime variegation make this easy-to-grow philodendron
a standout. Tolerant of a wide range of light conditions, this plant is a prolific
grower that produces long cascading vines. Prefers low to bright, indirect light.  
2.8 L (7.5" diam.) pot. Reg. $39.95

$21.95 - Seeking Balance Empower Candle

     The power of color and fragrance in one holistic candle. Allow the stresses
of your day to fade away with this all-natural soy and beeswax candle
blended with the liberating scents of lavandin and patchouli.
Reg. $26.95

$3.99 - Suet Nuggets

     A tasty bird feed made with corn, roasted peanuts, rendered beef suet, oats, raisins, and soy oil, especially formulated for wild birds. Mix with birdseed for
a high-fat content treat. Resealable bag for easy convenience and freshness.
Size: 1.7 lb. Reg. $4.99

$8.99 - Wrinkleez Dog Toy

     Dogs in need of a soft and squeaky play companion will love Duck Wrinkleez. Wrinkleez has a unique, plushy texture that is perfect for snuggling,
 as well as a fantastic squeaker that signals when play time is on!
9". Reg. $11.95

$5.99 - Stevia

     The leaves of this lovely plant can be used fresh or dried and are 30x sweeter
 than sugar with low, low calories. Grown like any other herb, this pretty plant
 will fill your garden spaces and looks great in containers.
515 mL (3" sq.) pot. Reg. $6.99

$44.95 - Solar Hummingbird Feeder

     Beautiful, thick, hand blown glass feeder with solar panel that allows this
decorative feeder to be enjoyed day or night. Features 3 feeding ports.
16 oz. capacity. Reg. $59.95

$3.99 - Nana Potentilla

This perennial groundcover is a vigorous grower and a mid-to late-spring
bloomer with loose groups of golden-yellow flowers that enliven the ground
with their color. Perfect for full sun, Potentilla prefers well-drained soil
and is outstanding in dry areas. 
250 mL (2.5" sq.) pot. Reg. $4.99

$9.95 - Undaunted Muhly Grass

Graceful fine-textured gray-green mounds topped by clouds of tiny
ruby flowers that glow brilliantly when backlit in autumn. Persistent winter
beauty, superb in mass plantings; also for accents and erosion control.
Drought tolerant perennial plant.  
1 L (4" sq.) pot. Reg. $12.95

$7.99 - Low Grow Low Maintenance Grass Seed

A blend of Kentucky bluegrass, creeping red fescue, hard fescue, and perennial ryegrasses. This mixture can adapt to a wide range of soil types. It's a low-
maintenance and low-growing blend of grasses that are collectively known
for their drought tolerance. Good mixture for difficult to manage areas.  
Priced Per Lb. Reg. $9.95

$6.99 - Rocky Mountain Wildflower Seed Mix

A beautiful display of hardy species found in the Rocky Mountain regions.
These species normally take a year to become established and will bloom
the second or third year after planting. Some may bloom the first year.  
1 oz. Reg. $8.99



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