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$4.49 - Starmaker Mix Nicotiana

Starmaker delivers terrific performance with a compact habit and early,
uniform finish. These brightly colored heat lovers put on season-long shows
in landscapes and containers.   
4 pack (4 x 182 mL pots) Reg. $5.99

$8.99 - Nature's Yield Outdoor Planter Mix

Ready to use outdoor planting mix. No need to add
any other materials to this mix. 100% organic.  
1.5 cu. ft. Reg. $11.95

$99.95 - Prairifire Crabapple

Upright, rounded tree with a profusion of pinkish-red blooms
in the spring! Half-inch sized purplish-red fruit persists through winter.  
23 L (13" diam.) pot. Reg. $129.00

$12.95 - Bee Houses

This pollinator house has various size hollow tubes and pre-drilled wood blocks
to attract a wide variety of helpful pollinators. Attract gentle solitary bees capable
of pollinating up to 20x that of honeybees to help your plants reach their full
potential! Constructed with premium cedar. Comes with an easy-mount hanger.
Choose from: purple, aqua, yellow, or melon
Reg. $15.95

$7.99 - Blonde Ambition Blue Grama Grass

This rugged, cold hardy, native grass features blue-green foliage and striking
flag-like golden summer flowers on stiff weather-resistant stems. Provides
cool-season interest, as the long lasting blonde seed heads remain through
winter. Tolerant of many soil types, this is a perfect choice
for low-maintenance landscapes. Semi-evergreen.  
1 L (4" sq.) pot. Reg. $9.95

$5.99 -New Guinea Impatiens

     The gem-like flowers and foliage of New Guinea impatiens will transform shady spots in your landscape into a festival of color. These super-easy annual flowers
can be used as eye-popping bedding plants or in container combinations.
 815 mL (4" sq.) pot. Reg. $7.99

$13.95 - DuraCotta Hanging Planter

     Self-watering disk and hidden reservoir ensures a consistent supply of water
 to your plants and prevents root rot. Optional removable drainage plug included.
Matte finish is perfect for resisting scratches, dirt, and fingerprints.
Choose from: Black, Pebble, and Terra.
Size: 12" Reg. $17.95

$8.99 - Roman Head Planter

     Add a touch of Roman antiquity to your plant collection! These glazed
bust planters bring modern glazes to ancient themes.
Each has a drainage hole, so you can plant directly in them.
Size: 3" Reg. $11.95

$2.99 - Mini Pot Stickers

     Bring a little glow indoors for the summer! Pot stickers are decorative plant and garden accessories that can be used in flower pots, along a pathway or border,
or in a garden. They feature glass orbs that use embedded
crystals to absorb light during the day and emit a gentle glow at night.
Reg. $3.99

$9.95 - Herman Wehling Whirlers

     Made from upcycled aluminum cans, these colorful whirlers
are a whimsical addition to your garden, deck, or porch.
Reg. $13.95

$19.95 - All-Seasons II Fertilizer & Weed Control

One application feeds grass for up to 5 months, creating a stronger root
system for your lawn. Provides weed control for a large variety of grassy
and broadleaf weeds. Your grass will thank you all season long. 
Covers 5,000 sq. ft. Reg. $26.95

$7.99 - Compost Maker

Uses all-natural and organic ingredients to help turn the organic matter in your
compost pile into nutrient-rich humus that benefits your garden while reducing
your contribution to the local landfill.  
3 lb. Reg. $9.95

$34.95 - Milky Spore Powder

Milky Spore attacks the white larvae/grubs of Japanese beetles. Spreads naturally
as each infected beetle larvae dies, decomposes and releases billions of new spores
into the soil.  Not harmful to humans, pets, or wildlife. 
10 oz. Concentrate Reg. $46.95

$4.99 - Baer's Dark Cherry Jam

Bring the taste of summer home with this all-natural homemade jam.
No artificial flavors or colors in Baer's products, just rich fruit flavor!  
Size: 17 oz. Reg. $6.99

$8.99 - Little Trinket Dishes

These trinket dishes are handmade beauties that will keep your delicate
valuables all in one place; whether you're looking for a place to store jewelry,
wedding rings, or small candles. Beautifully glazed in watery shades,
they're decorative on their own.   
Reg. $11.95

$6.99 - Tru Pickle Bread & Butter Slices

     Sweet bread and butter pickle chips full of flavor,
great to snack on by themselves or to use on sandwiches.
Size: 16 oz. Reg. $8.99

$7.99 - Cordyline

     Cordyline, also known as the ti plant, is famous in Hawaii for its ability to bring
good luck. Whether you live in paradise or the coldest state in the country,
you can enjoy this decorative, low-maintenance, and long-living tropical beauty
indoors year round.
414 mL (3.5" diam.) pot. Reg. $9.95

$5.99 - Piggyback Plant

     We love piggyback plants for their lush, fuzzy, vibrant green leaves that captivate
onlookers with their ability to grow new plantlets where the leaves attach to
 their stems. These new little plants “piggyback” on top of the foliage.
They thrive in well-drained soil with bright, indirect light.
414 mL (3.5" diam.) pot. Reg. $7.99

$6.99 - CoCo Coir Mix Brick

     Give your plants a sturdy growing structure with CoCo coir. Coir retains water,
 making sure plants never go thirsty, but due to its texture, it also offers
 excellent drainage properties. Plants are no longer at risk of "drowning" in
 too-packed or over-watered soil.
3 pack. Reg. $8.99

25% Off - Red Flagstone

  Perfect for patios, garden walkways and steps.
Can also be used as wall stone or stone veneer.  
Reg. $.39/lb.

$22.95 - Mops Mugo Pine

This dwarf pine is perfect for confined spaces, with its dense, symmetrical
growth and compact, rounded form. Blue-green spring and summer foliage
takes on a golden hue during colder months. Its slow growth habit makes this
evergreen ideal as a specimen in smaller gardens.  
2.8 L (6" diam.) pot. Reg. $29.95

$9.95 - Sunset Agastache

Bold brushes of sunset-orange flowers from August to frost. Native to high
mountains of the Southwest, the whole plant exudes a rich, root-beer aroma.
An exotic contribution to water-smart gardens or perennial borders.  
2 L (5" sq.) pot. Reg. $13.95

$7.99 - First Love Dianthus

Noted for the multiple hues of its dainty blossoms, this compact perennial blooms
nearly continuously from spring until frost. From compact, silvery blue-green
foliage, the flowers emerge white, change to pink and age to lavender-rose.
Essential to the cottage garden and perennial border.  
1 L (4" sq.) pot. Reg. $9.95

$4.99/lb. - Low-Grow Low-Maintenance Grass Seed

A blend of Kentucky bluegrass, creeping red fescue, hard fescue, and
perennial rye grasses. This mixture can adapt to a wide range of soil types.
It's a low-maintenance and low-growing blend of grasses that are collectively
known for their drought tolerance. Good mixture for difficult to manage areas.  
Reg. $5.99/lb.

$3.99 - Bellingham Cool Gloves 

     Lightweight polyester knit with a breathable palm coat that creates
an exceptionally "cool" garden glove for those hot summer days!
Choose from three assorted colors with fun patterns.
Reg. $4.99

$17.95 - Dramm One-Touch Nozzle

     Control the flow of water with just one touch!
 Switch between shower and powerful stream effortlessly.
Made from durable plastic in various color options.
Reg. $24.95

$17.95 - Ken Ho

     This weeder's sharp blade skims just below the surface, easily getting rid of those pesky weeds. With its offset blade, the weeder is easily maneuvered between
 plantings. Rust-resistant stainless-steel blade and wood handle.
Reg. $21.95

$9.95 - Mr. Bill Chew Toy

     Enjoy playtime fun as much as your furry pal with the Mr. Bill plush dog toy.
 Inspired by the vintage films from Saturday Night Live, it has a built-in
 voice box that yells Mr. Bill’s hilarious catchphrase when squeezed.
 It’s great for playing fetch as it's easily tossed, and it makes
 a soft cuddle buddy.
Reg. $12.95



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