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$19.95 - Dual Deck Rail Planters

Unique form-fit design allows the planter to securely rest on top of railing
without brackets or screws. Drainage holes are positioned at the bottom
of each side of the planter to allow safe drainage of excess water.  
24" wide. Reg. $24.95

$3.99 - Arp Rosemary

Aromatic foliage and blooms release a lemon-scented rosemary
fragrance into the air. A flavorful addition to breads, soups, & stews.  
250 mL (2.5" sq.) pot. Reg. $4.99

$34.95 - Jirdon Greenmaster Lawn Fertilizer

Formulated specifically for the Rocky Mountain region! This 25-5-5 formula
stimulates good top growth, while thickening the turf by encouraging new plants
and improving the root system. Covers up to 5,000 sq. feet.  
20 lb. Reg. $44.95

$44.95 - Pugster Periwinkle Butterfly Bush

Offers a small, sturdy frame with large, full-size flowers.
Blooms emit a honey-sweet fragranceattracting bees, butterflies,
and hummingbirds to your garden. Superior winter survival in zone 5. 
12 L (10" diam.) pot. Reg. $59.95

$9.95 - Encanto White Blush Begonia 

     Slender, pointed green leaves complement a cascading
display of white flowers. Continuously blooming with no
deadheading needed. Great for containers and baskets.
815 mL (4" sq.) pot. Reg. $13.95

$4.99 - Durango Red Marigold

    This annual features bold brick red daisy flowers with gold eyes
 and edges from late spring to late summer. Its fragrant ferny
leaves remain dark green in color throughout the season.
4 pack (4 x 182 mL pots). Reg. $6.99

$5.99 - Profusion Mix Zinnias

     Large vibrant colors of red, cherry, orange, and white.
Grows 16” tall and are great for the edge of pathways,
mass plantings, or containers. Tolerate heat and humidity.
4 pack (4 x 182 mL pots). Reg. $7.99

$6.99 - Moondrop Schefflera

     Moondrop is a variegated dwarf umbrella tree with beautiful patches
 of white that outline most of the leaves with occasional
 leaves emerging entirely white. Can grow 4’ tall indoors.
 Prefers bright indirect light for best leaf color.
414 mL (3.5" diam.) pot. Reg. $8.99

$21.95 - Burro's Tail Sedum Hanging Basket

     A good textural addition to your indoor gardens, this blue-green
succulent features long, trailing stems with small chunky leaves. It will
produce wonderful pink blooms at the end of the stems in spring.
1.2 L (5.5" diam.) HB. Reg. $26.95

$79.95 - Black Tartarian Cherry

An old variety of dark, sweet cherry known for its superior fruit and
dependable high yields. If you're looking for a pretty tree that will provide
years of delicious fruit with little effort, then the Black Tartarian is for you!  
12 L (10" diam.) pot. Semi-Dwarf  Reg. $99.95

$54.95 - Summer Wine Ninebark

Its graceful, arching habit with wine-colored foliage makes it a very appealing
shrub in the landscape. In early June, it blooms with white button-like flowers
that accent the leaves nicely. Pruning and other maintenance is rarely needed.  
12 L (10" diam.) pot. Reg. $69.95

$39.95 - Forever and Ever Pink Rose

Cascading across glossy green foliage, each flowerhead is made up of 5-7
rose petals that begin as deep pink buds, fading to soft yellow at the center.
As the rose plant matures, the color pales to become a lovely pastel pink.
Multiple rounds of roses every year from this prolific bloomer.
7.5 L (9" sq.) pot. Reg. $54.95

$39.95 - Meidiland Fire Rose

A spreading groundcover rose producing beautiful red double
blooms above deep dark green leaves. Its spreading habit
makes it perfect as a full-sun groundcover foundation planting.  
7.5 L (9" sq.) pot. Reg. $54.95

$44.95 - Princess Charlene de Monoco Rose

A hybrid tea rose that provides flowers in continuous waves from late spring
to late fall. Large buds open into fully double blooms with light apricot
to shell pink petals and a strong, sweet, fresh fruit fragrance.
The sturdy stems are ideal for cutting and display.  
7.5 L (9" sq.) pot. Reg. $59.95

25% Off - Wooden Barrel Planters

Breathe new life into your container plantings with genuine wood barrel
planters! Add great style to any outdoor space. Lightweight kiln-dried
construction with non-corrosive hoops and pre-drilled drainage holes.  
Sized from 10" to 21".

25% Off - Calima Clay Pots

     High fired, tall German calima-style pots are crafted from finely-filtered,
marbled clay giving them an incredibly smooth texture and beautiful color.
Sized from 9"-12".

$19.95 - Exotic Flower Solar Stake

     An eye-catching addition to your garden! The solar-lit flowers add color
during the day while a solar panel on the stem soaks up the sunlight to
power the LED light after dark. Up to 8 hours working time on full charge.
36" tall. Reg. $24.95

$29.95 - Breeze Art Garden Flags

     A decorative garden flag makes a colorful addition to any garden.
Made with fade and mildew resistant SolarSilk fabric for long-lasting color.
 They'll instantly add distinctive style to your home. Large assortment.
28" x 40". Reg. $36.95

$8.99 - Ferti-lome Compost Maker

     Includes all the natural ingredients needed to turn leaves,
grass clippings, and other organic matter into compost.
3 lb. Reg. $11.95

$12.95 - Annual & Perennial Fertilizer

Blended from natural organic ingredients used to make fertilizers
for organic produce growers. Beneficial for both plants and soil.
Use to encourage stunning blooms and robust foliage on flowering plants.  
4 lb. Reg. $15.95

$7.99 - Jal-up-in-yo Tomatillo Hot Sauce

The best kid-friendly hot sauce. Beloved by foodies and chefs alike,
seeking flavorful sauces before heat. Garden-fresh tomatillos
with a hint of jalapeņo, and garlic.  
5 oz. Reg. $9.95

$3.49 - Seeking Balance Votives

Essential oil-based fragrances and natural fiber wicks safely
combine the science of aromatherapy with color therapy, allowing
the stresses of your day to fade away. Burn time: 20 hours.  
2 oz. Reg. $4.49

$29.95 - Cocoblend Waterhold Soil

Gives your outdoor container plants the advantage of water retention
against constant exposure to heat, wind and sun. Contains a combination
of coconut fibers (coir) and Canadian sphagnum peat moss. OMRI listed. 
2 cu. ft. Reg. $36.95

$16.95 - Coco Planting Mix Block

Pure coco coir retains water, making sure plants don't easily go thirsty,
but also offers excellent drainage properties. Plants are no longer
at risk of "drowning" in too-packed or over-watered soil.  
Equivalent to 2.5 cu. ft. Reg. $21.95

$21.95 - EZ Straw Seeding Mulch

Reseed bare areas faster and easier! Contains a bonding agent,
which gives the straw a tackiness holding it together and protecting
grass seed from washout, wind, and birds. Speeds up germination,
then biodegrades. Just leave in place after the seed grows.
2.5 cu. ft. Reg. $26.95

$8.99 - Barbados Bamboo Torch 

     Torch with flame keeper, bigger flame for duration of burn,
 and an easy-fill wide mouth canister. Holds 1 12 oz. can.
57" high. Reg. $11.95

$179 - Magnolia Hammock Swings 

     Fashionable & functional addition to your patio or backyard!
Comfortable hammock-style swing chairs include pillow
cushions and matching tote bag for carrying.
Reg. $229

$11.95 - EOS Watering Cans

     This modern watering can features a subtly striped surface with an elongated
 and thin nozzle that helps you water your plants without spilling.
 Assorted colors available.
1 gal. Reg. $14.95

$6.99 - Tomato Tower

     Keep tomatoes and other vining plants nicely contained and
flourishing. Multiple cross wires for tomatoes and climbing plants.
Assembles to a triangle shape of 33" high with three 18" sides.
33" high. Reg. $8.99

$3.99 - Plush Forest Critter Cat Toys

     Skinneeez, plush forest creature cat toys with catnip,
allows cat to fulfill natural instincts for hunting & playing.
No interior stuffing. Choose squirrel, chipmunk, or skunk.
6". Reg. $4.99

$26.95 - Black Oil Sunflower Seed

     The #1 choice for feeding wild birds, and one of the most versatile feeds
available. High in protein, it's preferred by all seed-eating birds. Contains
premium black oil sunflower seed selected for high oil and nutrient content.
40 lb. Reg. $32.95



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