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$4.99 - Maidenhair Fern

With is graceful, airy architecture, maidenhair fern is one of the
most popular indoor ferns. Happiest in a spot away from direct
sunlight. It loves a humid atmosphere.  
414 mL (3.5" diam.) pot. Reg. $6.99

$7.99 - Rose Tone Organic Rose Food

This natural fertilizer releases its nutrients slowly as it breaks down.
Made from all-natural ingredients with no sludge, fillers, or chemicals.
Encourages strong, steady growth and big, beautiful blooms.  
4 lb. Reg. $9.95

$11.95 - Silver Mist Lavender

This ornamental perennial has unique foliage and delicate flowers. The silver foliage seems to float like a "silver mist" suspended in the garden. Tiny, blue flowers cling
to the tall stalks in mid-summer. Has an herb-scented aroma, and is perfect for
those small spaces in the garden where you'd like something showy.  
1L (4" sq.) pot.  Reg. $14.95

$36.95 - Green Thumb NeverKink Garden Hose

Self-straightening technology keeps kinks and tangles under control.
Microshield anti-microbial protection against mold and mildew.
Brass couplings.
protective collar.
5/8" x 75 ft. Reg. $49.95

$22.95 - Kintzley's Ghost Honeysuckle

Prolific perennial vine with tubular yellow flowers in early summer that are
surrounded by larger, silvery-white disks against pale blue-green leaves.  
2.8 L (6" diam.) pot. Reg. $29.95

25% OFF - Humidity Trays 

     It's crucial to maintain moisture levels around your plants,
and these humidity trays help accomplish that. Simply spread
decorative rocks into the tray, add water, and place your plant pot on top.
As the water evaporates, the humidity around the plant will increase.
8", 10", 12" sizes available.

$11.95 - Coco Basket 

     Maintain hanging baskets easily using these round coco fiber liners.
The coco fiber not only adds a traditional look to your hanging baskets, it also
helps keep your soil in place and retains moisture for healthy plant roots. 
Reusable for years.
14" Reg. $14.95

$17.95 - Hummingbirds & Flower Solar Stake 

     Share your garden with these two friendly hummingbirds as they seek their prized nectar from the flower. Solar panels charge during the daytime and light up automatically at night. Installs in seconds. High-quality, waterproof housing
 ensures they can withstand the elements outdoors.
Reg. $22.95

$6.99 - Forever Succulents 

     Incredibly detailed and true to nature, these colorful permanent succulents provide
all the beauty of the real thing. Use in a fairy garden or a succulent garden.
Assorted types available.
Medium size. Reg. $8.99

$11.95 - Happy Frog
Acid Loving
Plant Fertilizer 

     Fertilizer with a special pH level just for acid-loving plants! Blended with premium organic ingredients like cottonseed meal, bat guano, kelp meal, and humic acid.
Beneficial microbes to help convert fertilizers into vital plant food.
 Provides gentle, slow-release feeding all season long.
Reg. $14.95

$8.99 - Killzall

Super concentrated, non-selective weed and grass killer. Contains a double surfactant formulation that dries on plants fast to start working quickly down to the root.
Use near fences, on paths, patios, sidewalks, and curbs. Rainfast in 2 hours.  
1 pint concentrate. Reg. $11.95

$7.99 - Black Bing Cherry Cider

Colorado-famous cherry cider! This cider is made from the king of the
cherry family -- the black Bing cherry. Rich cherry taste with no added sugar
or preservatives.
25 oz. Reg. $9.95

$6.99 - Toy Duck Soaps

Adored by kids of all ages, these irresistible soaps feature rubber duck toys
swimming happily in a fruity-fragranced, naturally moisturizing glycerin soap.
It's mild, kid-safe, and ready to liven up your clean routine!
Assorted styles available.
Reg. $8.99

$7.99 - McCutcheon's Cherry Butter

A blend of red tart and black sweet cherries with just a hint of cinnamon
and vanilla. Uses only real cane sugar and natural fruit juices as sweeteners. 
20 oz. Reg. $9.95

$3.49 - African Violets

Cheery houseplant, bright-eyed flower faces ringed by rich, velvety leaves.
One is never enough!   
61 mL (2" diam.) pot. Reg. $4.49

$2.99 - Italian Oregano 

     Oregano is the key flavor in Italian food! The soft, fragrant green leaves are the secret little green flecks in the pasta sauce that gives it its mouth-watering
fragrance & taste. This is a lovely perennial for borders, or patio containers.
Tiny rose-pink flowers appear in summer.
250 mL (2.5" diam.) pot. Reg. $3.99

$17.95 - Ocean Forest Potting Soil 

     Powerhouse blend of premium earthworm castings, bat guano, and Pacific Northwest sea-going fish and crab meal. Composted forest humus, sandy loam,
 and sphagnum peat moss give this soil its light, aerated texture.
Start with Ocean Forest and watch your plants come alive.
1.5 cu. ft. Reg. $22.95

$9.95 - Straw Bale 

     Use as mulch around your vegetable plants.
Straw helps to hold in moisture, so you don't have to water as often.
It effectively shades out weed seedlings, cutting down on weeding time,
and it composts naturally into nutrients and amendments for the soil.
Reg. $13.95

$5.99 - Mini-Nuggets Bark Mulch 

     Works well as a decorative ground cover and is excellent for
slowing weed growth. The nuggets help retain beneficial moisture
and add nutrients to the soil for optimal plant health.
2 cu. ft. Reg. $6.99

$44.95 - Nanking Bush Cherry 

     Pale pink and white blooms in spring
transform into bright red edible fruits.
 12 L (10" diam.) pot. Reg. $59.95

$54.95 - Lil' Kim Rose of Sharon

Half the size of a conventional varieties,
Lil' Kim shrub sports elegant white flowers with a showy red eye.  
12 L (10" diam.) pot. Reg. $69.95

$15.95 - Traeger BBQ Wood Pellets

To master the sport of cooking outdoors, natural hardwood is a game changer.
These blends of hardwoods have the compressed cell structure necessary
for a balanced, dependable burn. You'll get a light, slightly fruity smoke flavor
that will naturally enhance your grilled meats. Available in hickory, mesquite,
maple, cherry, pecan, apple, and oak pellets.  
20 lb. bag Reg. $19.95

$7.99 - Karl Foerster Grass

This simple, but elegant perennial grass is renowned for its tall blades, highlighted
by feathery blooms that gently wave in even the slightest bit of wind.
Grows to 6 feet tall, and forms clumps of up to 3 feet wide. Blooms
take on a pinkish hue early in the season and then fade to a golden tan.  
1 L (4" sq.) pot. Reg. $9.95

$5.99 - Snow in Summer Yo-Yo

This wonderful perennial ground cover, with its attractive, grayish, downy foliage
and abundance of star-shaped white blooms, looks like a snowdrift!
Spreads quickly and even cascades over walls.  
1 L. (4" sq.) pot. Reg. $7.99

$4.49 - Double Mix Freesia

Freesias combine a delightful perfume with delicate beauty and showstopping color.
This is a mixture of double freesia varieties in an array of vivid hues. Native to
South Africa, freesias are very easy to grow and tolerant of a variety of soil types.
Use them as long-lasting cut flowers as well.  
Bag/15. Reg. $5.99

$6.99 - Inchelium Red Garlic 

     A soft-neck garlic that is mild at harvest but increases in flavor during storage,
and with just a touch of spicy heat. Its large 3" bulbs produce many cloves.
A wonderful garlic for all-purpose use where mild flavors are preferred.
 Bag/2 Reg. $8.99

$6.99 - Lily of the Valley

     Lily of the valley is one of the most popular flowers each spring! Very fragrant, the plants are ideal for use as ground cover in shady areas around the tree line.
They will require one season to get fully established.
Bag/8 Reg. $8.99

$.69/linear ft. - ProSpun Weed Barrier Fabric 

     Easy-to-use, environmentally safe fabric that controls weeds before they start
 while still letting air and water through the fabric.
Its 3 layers of weed protection provide light-blocking capabilities
 to protect against the toughest perennial weeds.
6 ft. wide. Reg. $.99/linear ft.

$9.95 - Mr. Bill Chew Toy 

     Nostalgic for you, and fun for your pet! Says, "Ohhhhh Noooo" when squeezed!
Plush filled. Great for fetch and play. Suitable for dogs of all sizes.
Reg. $12.95

$8.99 - Wild Bird & Finch Tube Feeder 

     This feeder's design allows multiple birds to feed at once and can hold up
 to 20 ounces of bird seed. A great item for bird lovers!
Reg. $11.95



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