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Here we are in mid-May with a late-season frost! That's not unusual for Colorado gardeners, and it's why we keep the frost blankets handy. What is unusual is the late heavy snow that is forecast. Protect trees and shrubs that have leafed out by knocking the snow off the branches from underneath with a broom before all too much snow accumulates on them. Bring any plants that you have not planted into the ground into the garage including hanging baskets and patio pots. Covering tender plants with frost blankets or bed sheets will offer some protection them from freezing, but you will need to provide support for the covers to keep them off from touching the leaves and to keep them from crushing the plants underneath when the tonight's snow piles up on the cover.

Check our Frost Hardiness Chart to see which of your established plants
is least tolerant of cold weather

Those summer-like temperatures will be back pretty quickly. It's a great time to select some ever-popular annuals and plant them outdoors when the weather warms up again.

Since they only live for the summer season, and they don't return every year like perennials, what's the allure of these plants? Gardeners reach for annuals each year for a number of good reasons. They're easy to grow, quick to bloom, and provide gorgeous color all season long. They offer plenty of different colors and textures, and they are what makes summer's color-filled patio pots, hanging baskets, and window boxes stand out.

From geraniums to petunias and coleus to begonias, the colors that annual plants offer run the entire spectrum of the rainbow! It's so easy to experiment and "paint with flowers" in your garden. Try adding them to bare spots in your perennial beds too!
Color can have a big impact in the garden. You might plan a visual way to combat the heat of summer by planting cool blues, lilac, and purple hues. Spice things up with vibrant orange, red and golden blooms, then add coppery-colored coleus. Energize your garden with colors of hot pink, bright yellow, and vivid corals.
Get creative and have some fun with your plant selections and design layouts!
Consider how light will affect color in your garden. Reds tend to look dull and gray at twilight, while white blooms begin to glow and stand out. If you have an area of your yard that you mainly enjoy in the evenings, plan for colors that show well at that time of day. Take advantage of the reflective nature of lavender, white, and pastel blooms that shine at dusk. White flowers and silver foliage will give a nice evening glow to your gardens.
Shade gardens need a bit of extra planning. Dark colors are the black holes of a shade garden! Stick with light, bright reflective colors in darker areas of the garden. Add bright chartreuse with a Guacamole or Curly Fries hosta, add flashes of color with elegant lupines, and try borders with colorful primrose.

Water a shade garden in the morning, so that leaves dry off before dusk. This one change can reduce the risk of foliar diseases. Click here for ideas on
low-maintenance annuals for your shade garden.
Consider where the plant will live in your garden. Will it be in a sunny or shady area? Full-sun plants need 6-8 hours of sunlight on their foliage each day.
Part-sun plants prefer to receive 4-6 hours of sunlight daily. Shade-loving plants will be happy with dappled light through the leaves of trees, or less than 4 hours of sunlight each day.

Pay attention to the final height of the plants so the flowers will be visible. Follow the recommended spacing between each plant. This will give your annuals room to grow and thrive in your garden. For more information on how to plant your summer annuals, click here!

For an ultra-quick, no-fuss splash of color, you can always choose from our abundance of beautiful pre-planted baskets and containers to brighten your deck or patio.

The greenhouses at Echter's are at peak color right now, and a kaleidoscope of annuals are ready to become part of your summer garden. Visit us for color you can take home and enjoy all summer long.
Huge radiant blooms are wonderful as accents and in pots.
Lots of colors and sizes. Beautiful as cut flowers.
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Ferti-lome F-STOP Lawn Fungicide
Prevents and cures turfgrass diseases in established lawns. For control of leaf spot, brown patch, dollar spot, melting out, necrotic ring spot, and powdery mildew. 32 oz. Hose End. Ready to Spray.
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Turn your outdoor space into the perfect place to entertain and relax. Choose from our large selection of stylish and durable furniture in stock. Quality manufacturers of cast aluminum, wicker, aluminum frame, steel, and eucalyptus.

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Kahori Scarlet Dianthus brings a flash of brilliant hot rose flowers from mid-spring to early summer. The foliage remains evergreen through the year. The fragrant flowers will attract butterflies and is deer resistant.
Tiny Series Asiatic Lilies are versatile garden plants with a dwarf habit that makes them useful near the front of any sunny border where they put on a great midsummer show. Tiny Shadow is an amazing color combination with burnt orange flowers sporting dark maroon centers.

Other varieties include Tiny Nugget, Tiny Crystal, and Tiny Diamond.
When you're wishing for comfort and style, reach for the stars! Bursting with all the splendor and colors of the cosmos, North End Stardust Throw is a harmonious blend of dazzling design and wonderful warmth. Also available in the colorful Boho Stripe pattern.
Surreal Planters are made out of specialized polyurethane and
designed to look like real tree bark. Hand painted for unique design.
Available in oak and birch bark design.
  • Regatta Marine Blue Lobelia
  • Ferti-lome Tomato + Vegetable Fertilizer
  • Spring Fever Yellow Poppy
  • Foldaway Kneeler Seats
  • Lemon Balm
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Terrific selection of colors that will bloom right through the hottest days of summer. Put a lot of color quickly into a flower bed. Branched plants are beautiful, tough, and versatile.
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Rose Bushes

Top quality potted rose bushes. Best performing varieties for our area. Featuring selections tested by Weeks Roses for flower-power performance and hardiness.

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For a Patio Vegetable Garden ... Cedar barrels or large pots make great small vegetable gardens. Plant a tomato in the middle and lettuce, spinach or herbs around the edge for the beginnings of a great salad. Patio tomatoes can be grown without a support. Indeterminate (vining) tomato plants need a tall tomato cage to support them.

It's lawn mowing season! Mow your lawn during the day, or early evening when the grass is dry. Never mow when there is moisture on the blades! This encourages the spread of disease and causes the clipping to clump. Set your lawn mower blade to 2 ˝" to 3" to encourage deeper, drought-resistant roots. The longer grass will keep the ground cooler and require less water.

Inviting more butterflies into your yard ... When trying to lure butterflies to your garden, place the butterfly-attracting plants in a large grouping. A saucer full of wet sand will provide water for butterflies. Ask for a list of Echter's plants which will attract butterflies to your yard at our Plant Doctor desk.

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