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it's time to put some color back into the garden. Annual plants are an easy way to do just that! These versatile plants offer an amazing variety of instant color and texture that never fails to delight. They are the stars of the garden every year, and their season-long show of summer color is just beginning.

What is an annual? Annuals are plants that complete their life cycle in just one growing season. They germinate, grow, flower, set seed, then die when the autumn frosts come. They are not winter hardy in Colorado. To have these flowers in your garden from year to year, they need to be replanted each spring or — annually!

Why Should You Plant Annuals

Each Year?

They're easy to grow, quick to bloom, and provide gorgeous color all season long. They're available in a wide variety of different colors and textures, and they are what makes summer's color-filled patio pots, hanging baskets, and window boxes stand out. It's a quick and easy way to plug in some instant color.

Annuals offer an opportunity to personalize your garden each summer. Since annuals only last for one growing season, they make it easy to experiment with bright hues, textures, and forms. Whatever your style, mood, or color preference, you can easily create a garden that is uniquely "you" each year with the abundance of different annuals available.

Things to Consider When

Choosing Annuals

It's easy to be a little overwhelmed with the number of choices in our Annuals greenhouse! Choosing becomes a little easier when you consider where your annual plants will live in your garden.

Will it be in a sunny or shady area? Full-sun plants need 6-8 hours of sunlight on their foliage each day. Part-sun plants prefer to receive 4-6 hours of sunlight daily. Shade-loving plants will be happy with dappled light through the leaves of trees, or less than 4 hours of sunlight each day.

There are annuals that love the sun, annuals that love the shade, and those who like a little of both! Whatever your garden situation (even a balcony!), there's an annual that's just right for your garden.

Pay attention to the mature width and height of the plants. Follow the recommended spacing between each plant. This will give your annuals room to grow and thrive.

Check here to learn more about planning and planting your own annual
garden masterpiece.

At Echter's, a kaleidoscope of annuals is ready to become part of your summer garden. Visit us for color you can take home and enjoy all summer long.

They are durable enough for outdoors, yet stylish enough for inside. Terrific selection. Includes cover pots in bright stylish colors. Just pop a plain pot into a cover pot! It's an easy way to dress up your plants to match your décor. 

$3.00 Off each Hummingbird Mint


Showy pink or orange flowers most of the summer. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Aromatic foliage. Good drought tolerance.

Reg. $11.95-$17.95


FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil

This powerhouse blend of premium earthworm castings, bat guano, fish and crab meal is the ultimate potting soil. Perfect for containers.

1.5 cu. ft. 

Reg. $32.95

20% Off

Blueberry Plants

Enjoy fresh blueberries you have grown yourself. Grow them in containers in a low-pH media. Plant 2 varieties or more for good pollination. Great selection of hardy varieties available. 

20% Off


Hardy and dependable shrubs provide 4 seasons of interest. Flowers in spring and variegated foliage in summer. Colorful branches and bark really stand out in fall
and winter. Deer resistant. 

$79.95 Grower’s Supreme Mix

Use this mix to fill large & deep outdoor planter beds. We use this mix for our roses and tomatoes. Bring in your open truck or trailer. Delivery is also available.

1/2 cu. yard Reg. $99.95

20% Off

Redwood Trellises

The classic beauty of redwood. Heavy duty trellises will support those heavy vines for years.

20% Off

Jewel Mix Nasturtium

Annual with bright blooms of red, pink, orange, and yellow are held above light-green foliage. The flowers make a lightly-spiced

edible garnish.

25% Off

Wind Spinners

Mesmerizing motion in the breeze. Wide variety to choose from. Take one
for a spin! 

20% Off Bird Seed Feeders

Get a new and clean feeder for your wild bird friends. Specialty feeders for black oil sunflower seed, nyjer, mixed seed and suet so you can attract the birds you want. Get a squirrel-proof feeder if squirrels are a problem.

Offers good through Thursday, May 30

Supercal Artist Rose Petchoa has large vibrant flowers and excellent garden performance. It's vigorous, early blooming, and able to handle summer heat. Petchoas combine the best characteristics of petunias

and calibrachoas.

Angelmist Berry Sparkler Angelonia

is a lush plant covered with orchid-like flowers that will attract butterflies.  It has scented foliage, and the large blooms have big impact in baskets or
in containers.

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  • Apricot Delight Jacob’s Ladder
  • Adjustable-Railing Planter
  • Leadwort (Plumbago)
  • Bumblebee Bonanza Wildflower Seed Mix
  • Maidenhair Fern


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Terrific selection of colors that will bloom right through the hottest days of summer. Put a lot of color quickly into a flower bed. Branched plants are beautiful, tough, and versatile. In 1 L (4" sq.) pots.
Mix & Match  Least expensive plants are free.

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Valid at Echter's Garden Center only.  Coupons subject to change without notice. Distribution on property prohibited.

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Rose Bushes 

Top quality potted rose bushes.

Best performing varieties for our area. Featuring selections tested by Weeks Roses and Star Roses for flower-power performance and hardiness.

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Cannot be combined with any other offer. Valid at Echter's Garden Center only.  

Coupons subject to change without notice. Distribution on property prohibited.

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Keep your hanging baskets hydrated — If your outdoor hanging baskets and planters have dried out too quickly in the past, mix granules of Soil Moist (a polymer) into the media of your container gardens and hanging baskets before you plant. This will help retain water for the plants to use as needed. We've added polymers to Echter’s Container Mix so you can reduce the frequency of watering.

It's lawn mowing season! Mow your lawn during the day, or early evening when the grass is dry. Never mow when there is moisture on the blades! This encourages the spread of disease and causes the clipping to clump. Set your lawn mower blade to 2½"-3" to encourage deeper, drought-resistant roots. The longer grass will keep the ground cooler and require less water. Leave your grass clippings on the lawn by using a mulching mower and reduce your need for fertilizer by 30%!

Inviting more butterflies into your yard — When trying to lure butterflies to your garden, place the butterfly-attracting plants in a large grouping. A saucer full of wet sand provides a much-appreciated water source for butterflies. Ask for a list of Echter's plants which will attract butterflies to your yard at our Plant Doctor desk.

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