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          Valentine's Day is Near! 
Surprise your special someone with a living, blooming valentine. What would be more appropriate than to choose a gift that celebrates plants and flowers? Our benches are stocked with a variety of flowering houseplants, stunning orchids, colorful cyclamens, primroses, African violets, and other unique flowering plants. Echter's has a great assortment of living gifts for your sweetheart!  
Orchids are available in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes, and can be uniquely fragrant with  scents of citrus, lilacs, coconut and even chocolate. Their long-lasting blooms are some of the
most fascinating and exquisite in the world. Our experts will help you be successful with this beautiful houseplant for your home or office. 

Other enchanting gift possibilities at Echter's include fragrant candles, delicious treats and luxurious skin care products like matching soaps and lotions. Consider wind chimes, a whimsical statue or other décor items for the garden. We also have stylish fashion accessories like chic scarves, hats and purses, or possibly an everlasting gift like beautiful metal roses by Lone Star.
If you can't decide, Echter's gift cards are available. 

GET GROWING! If you're itching to grow something this time of year try sprouting some seeds.
Starting seeds indoors is fun, easy and can save you money! Seeds are less expensive than starter plants and they come in hundreds of varieties, some not available as starts. By sprouting and nursing your own seedlings, you don't have to wait for warm weather to get your hands dirty. The next month or two is the perfect time to get started.

Seed Starting ESSENTIALS: Containers, Echter's Seed Starting Mix, a cover, spray bottle, lights, fertilizer, a heat mat and of course - seeds! For best results, it is important to read the instructions on each seed packet which includes specific planting tips. Choosing the right supplies will ensure that you get your seedlings off to a great start indoors.

Getting STARTED:
Fill new, clean containers that drain well with a specialty media like Echter's Seed Starting Mix. Moisten the mix and sprinkle the seeds about 1/4" apart on the soil surface and barely cover them with soil. Water your seedlings with a gentle spray; a mister bottle works well for this. A cover like a Grow Dome helps keep the surface moist. Many small seedlings can look alike so label your trays to know what is growing where. Peat pellets are a fun alternative to use, especially with children. Jiffy Greenhouse kits have plastic cells with peat pellets that are an easy way to get started. 
A propagation heating mat underneath the tray helps with quicker germination, more seedlings and more uniformity. After they have sprouted, take them off the heat mat, remove the cover and put them under fluorescent grow lights to keep them from becoming spindly. Keep the lights positioned just a few inches above the seedlings. Thin the seedlings when they get a couple inches tall by removing some of them.

Later, gently dig them out with a fork so you don't harm the roots
and transplant the seedlings into larger containers so they will have
more room to grow. Once they get growing, mix some water-soluble fertilizer like Jack's All Purpose into the water at half the recommended strength to keep your plants green and healthy.

Leaf crops like spinach, lettuce, Swiss chard as well as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, eggplant and tomatoes can be started indoors in late February and early March. Petunias, lobelia, marigolds, stock, snapdragons, ageratum, dusty miller and coleus are a few of the most popular flowers that can be seeded indoors in March. Follow the Frost Hardiness Chart on our website for dates to plant them out into the garden.  
February is also National Bird Feeding Month, so take time to focus on your backyard visitors. Choose your bird seed based on the type of birds that you want to attract. One winter favorite for birds is suet; it is a high energy, pure fat substance that birds just love because it gives them energy and helps them build fat which they need to keep warm during the winter. We offer a large assortment of bird feeders and quality birdseed for you to select from. Make your yard a welcoming place for them to visit during these cold months!
Special VALUES

   Garden Flag
      25% Off Garden Flags
     Premium flags are made of SolarSilk polyester
  for greater durability. Fade and mildew resistant.



20% Off Echter's Indoor Potting Mix
Custom blended for indoor plants. Excellent drainage.
4 qt., 16 qt., 30 qt. and giant 60 qt. bags 


25% Off Plant Stands
Decorative stands and tiered stands are available.
Choose from a wide assortment for indoors or outside.

20% Off Wild Delight Bird Seed Blends 
Includes Deck, Porch N' Patio, Nut N' Berry and Special Finch Food.
Locally produced.

Offers good through Thursday, February 23    
Classes & EVENTS

Early Bird Gardening
Saturday, March 4
       10am - 11am        Summer Bulbs For Your Garden
                                  Easy and exotic color for any garden.
                                  Presented by: Todd McNulty, Van Bloem Gardens
       1pm - 2pm           Starting Plants from Seed
                                  Do-it-yourself, save money and have fun.
                                  Presented by: David Burnside, Botanical Interests Seed
       3pm - 4pm           Turf Maintenance through the Year
                                  4 steps to a perfect lawn. An easy routine that provides success.
                                  Presented by: Daniel Chimeno, Ferti-lome

Meet the Experts
Saturday, March 4

11am - 12 noon    Van Bloem Gardens
2pm - 3pm           Botanical Interests Seed
2pm - 3pm           Lake Valley Seed

4pm - 5pm           Ferti-lome Fertilizers  

Sunday Seminars:
  Planning the Vegetable Garden 
  Planning your garden gets you off to the right start for a successful
  season and helps you to avoid problems down the road.
  Instructor: Chris Doolittle
  Sunday, March 5, 11am - 12 noon

Pruning Trees and Shrubs

  Learn the basics of what to prune, when to do the job, and how to prune
  properly to avoid common mistakes that can lead to problems later.
  Instructor: Brian Anglin
  Sunday March 5, 2pm - 3pm
What's NEW
The Discus Planter is the perfect accent
for your desk or on a shelf. Made of durable ceramic,
this unique geometric planter measures 8" across. 


Live in your best skin! Nourish and protect for healthy, happy
skin with Naked Bee natural hand and body lotions. Pomegranate & Honey, and Jasmine & Honey are new scents.
This lotion is PH balanced, hypoallergenic and features a concentration of nutrients for skin conditioning. 

Natural Guard Spinosad Soap
is an effective insect spray
for use in gardens, lawns and greenhouses. Controls a wide range of insects and has proven very effective in controlling spider mites. Perfect for organic gardening and safe to use on edibles. Ready to Use 32 oz.

Everything you need to seedlings is in this cute biodegradable Seed Gems paper planter. When the seedlings are ready you plant the entire box into a larger container. Great party favors or a fun gift.  
Available in a variety of flower or vegetable styles.
- Hori Hori Knife
- Zen Creations Statues
- Aunt Fannies Fruit Fly Punch
- Paperwhites

 30% Off Blooming Plants
Flowering plants make wonderful Valentine's Day gifts that last and last!
Use them to brighten your home or office space.
We have a nice selection available now.

 w/coupon only-Offer expires 3/2/17

 Valid at Echter's Garden Center only. 
Coupons subject to change without notice. Distribution on property prohibited. 

30% Off Pruning Tools

Choose from any of our professional quality pruners, loppers, shears,
and saws. Make the project easier with the a sharp new tool.

 w/coupon only-Offer expires 3/2/17
Valid at Echter's Garden Center only. 
Coupons subject to change without notice. Distribution on property prohibited.
  • Check your gladiola, dahlia and canna bulbs that you have stored to make sure the
    media around them is still moist. 
  • If you are eager for some outdoor gardening activity this month consider pruning the
    trees on your property. It's a great time to prune most trees. (Maples are an exception
    and should be done in late summer or early winter.) The foliage is gone and the structure
    of the branches is clearly visible. The tree is dormant, eliminating the bleeding of sap.
  • Use the correct and properly-sharpened tool when pruning: hand pruners for small branches, loppers for branches to 2" in diameter and pruning saws for larger branches. Remove dead, dying, diseased, damaged and deformed branches. Look for branches that are rubbing together and remove one of the branches. Remove any branches that are growing inward toward the center of the tree or those that are growing downward.
    This light maintenance will improve the look and health of your trees.
  • CSU has some great instructional information:
  • If you potted bulbs for forcing last year, check their progress. The soil should be fairly moist. If the tips have sprouted and have a few inches of growth, it's time to bring the pot into a cool bright room. Gradually expose them to increasing warmth and indirect sunlight. Turn the pot around 1/4 turn daily to grow straight stems. Water moderately. When the buds and foliage have fully developed, move the pot to full sun and enjoy. 

"Roses are red, Violets are blue;
But they don't get around Like the dandelions do." 
            - Slim Acres
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