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It's Arbor Day!
Celebrate Life with Trees
"The true meaning of life is to plant a tree, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."
- Nelson Henderson

Trees are much more than beautiful landscape features. They nurture us and our planet, enhancing our lives in countless ways. For every 10% increase in urban tree canopy, ozone is reduced 3-7%. Tree lined streets remove up to 60% of car exhaust fumes. Shade trees lower surface and air temperatures by 10įF, dramatically reducing the heat island effect of urban areas. When well-placed, trees reduce energy consumption in our homes, by up to 25%. They also reduce noise pollution and significantly increase home values.
When selecting a tree keep in mind that they live
for decades, and can influence the surrounding environment for generations to come. Our staff
can help you select a tree that compliments your landscape with diversity in mind, minimizing the risk of one insect or disease doing significant damage to our urban forest. Plant a tree to celebrate Arbor Day, or let us plant one for you!
Earth Day is Sunday, April 22. Itís a great day to get outside and appreciate nature. This year, Earth Day is dedicated to increasing awareness to the plastics we use in our everyday lives. Reduce your plastics consumption by returning plastic pots from Echterís to the greenhouse for recycling. 

Spring may have sprung, but we still need to be selective about the plants we leave outside. The average last frost date in Denver is still around
the middle of May. The soil doesn't reach an ideal temperature until the nighttime lows reach 50 degrees, consistently. Planting earlier can stunt the growth of tender young plants. We know it seems tempting, but for best results wait to plant tender plants like tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumbers until the ground is warm.
If youíd like to get a jump start, use Season Starters to warm the soil for 10 days before planting. Trees and shrubs, roses, perennials, and cold-hardy flowers and vegetables are now safe to plant.

Check our frost hardiness chart for our recommended planting dates.
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This ornamental favorite has spreading branches with either red, pink or white blossoms in early spring.
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Tough, yet easy-to-grow groundcovers you can walk on. Perfect between stepping stones and between your toes. They reduce weeds and give areas a finished appearance.
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Vegetable Gardening 101
Saturday, April 21, 10:00 - 11:30 am
If you are new to gardening and want to
get started, this is the class for you! Chris will
cover all the details to get you off and growing!
Presented by: Chris Doolittle
Echter's Annuals Department Manager
No registration or fee required.
Rose Celebration
Saturday, May 5 and Sunday, May 6
Meet rosarians from the Denver Rose Society! They will
be available at Echter's from 9 to 5 each day to answer questions and assist in the selection of beautiful roses
for your garden.
What's New?
Purple Pillar Rose of Sharon is totally unique. It naturally grows as a narrow column. It gets to be just 2-3' wide and 10-16' tall! Ideal for screens, hedges, and patio containers. Anywhere you need a little privacy or color in a narrow space, this plant is a great choice.
La Crosse Technology Wireless Rain Station provides precise real-time weather and rain data straight from your backyard. Monitor current and past conditions and set customizable alerts easily on one device.
The Terrarium Tool Kit gives you everything you
need to tend your indoor garden in style. When equipped with the proper tools, your slice of
paradise is more fun than ever to maintain.
The Earthly Ways Tool Seat features a multi-pocket tool bag attached to a lightweight, steel framed seat. Great for gardening and keeping tools and phone accessible, as well as for sporting events and camping.
  • Simply Salad
  • Bulk Red Cedar Mulch
  • Black Beauty Elderberry
  • Deluxe Rose Pro Gloves
  • Apricot Sparkles Daylily
    Nature's Yield Compost

100% organic soil amendment that improves soil structure and saves water.  
Premium product - made in Colorado for Colorado soils. 
1.5 cu. ft. bag Reg. $7.99

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Spice up your meals with fresh
herbs from your garden or windowsill.

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Fertilize your indoor plants twice a month with Jack's Classic Houseplant Special.
Feed them throughout the spring and summer, while they are actively growing.

It's time till the garden, if you haven't already. It will be easier if the soil is on the
dry side. Add compost and/or sphagnum peat moss to the garden and work it into existing soil to a depth of 12" for best root growth.

Reseed the bare spots in your lawn, now. Rake the areas thoroughly, scatter the grass seed and water it in, so that the seed can settle into the loose soil.  Keep the seed moist until it has germinated. Do not use a high-nitrogen fertilizer or a fertilizer with weed preventer in the areas where you have seeded.

Reduce transplant stress by hardening off plants prior to planting. Hardening
off is the process of acclimating plants to their new surroundings. Start them off in a sheltered location and ease them out into the sun, increasing the number of hours over the course of several days.

Protect your trees and shrubs from grass trimmers. Eliminate the grass directly around the tree, encircle it with breathable weed fabric, and mulch with bark
or rock.
What's in a Name?
The name Bee Balm suggests that this beautiful plant might attract bees, however the complexity of the flower makes it a challenge for bees to collect pollen. It's named for a resin derived from the plant that may be used for
healing and soothing bee strings.
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