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Echter's is still here. We are taking care of all our vegetable plants and flowers so you will have them available this spring. We have temporarily closed our nursery and garden center to indoor and outdoor shopping to keep everyone as safe as possible. You can still shop with us in 3 different ways:
at our online store, (,
by phone (303-424-7979), or
by email (

Growing your own food has always been one of the healthiest (and tastiest) ways to eat. We have what you need to get started, seed packets, trays, potting soil, soil amendments, fertilizer, as well as tools, gloves, hoses and accessories. You can choose to have a garden on your sunny patio using several pots.

Packs of strawberry plants are ready to go out now. We have a great selection of seed and dormant vegetable starts.

Get some exercise and fresh spring air in your garden now. What you do this month can set your garden up for success all season long.
If you haven't gotten to this essential spring garden chore, there's still time. Most trees and shrubs haven't leafed out yet, so you can still clearly see the branch framework, and you'll be less likely to make a cut you'll regret later.

Start by inspecting all shrubs and trees and removing diseased or damaged branches. Use pruning shears or loppers when removing branches smaller than 1 inch in diameter; larger limbs should be cut with a pruning saw. When removing diseased branches, it is a good practice to disinfect pruning tools with isopropyl alcohol between each cut.

NOTE: Wait to prune all of those beautiful spring-blooming shrubs (like lilac and forsythia) until AFTER they've bloomed this spring. That way you won't cut off the flower buds before they've had a chance to put on this year's show. Instead, these should be trimmed and shaped just after they bloom. 
Groom Your Garden Gear
Now is a good time check all of those essential garden tools that you'll be this season. A little care goes a long way to ensure they work well for you this year. Begin with a good cleaning, then make sure your digging and pruning tools are sharp. It really makes a difference in how they work.
We have a wide selection of garden gloves to protect your hands and forearms while pruning, digging, planting or cleaning up debris.
Introducing Curbside Pickup!
Order and pay ahead. Pick up curbside when your order is ready!

Though we've temporarily closed our doors for indoor and outdoor shopping, we're still taking orders on our online store, by email and over the phone for curbside pickup and
home delivery.

We have quickly put together an online store with hundreds of items to choose from.
Shop online at

If you can't find what you need or have questions, you can call us at 303-424-7979 to place an order.

You can also email us at with your order and we will call you back to confirm your order, answer any question, collect payment information and arrange a time when you can pick up your order.

Then you can choose pick it up in our parking lot, or
have it delivered to your home for a fee.

We're committed to helping you get your garden off to
a great start this year!
Have you tried our online Plant Finder Tool? It can help you select the perfect trees, shrubs, perennials, and annual flowers for your landscape! You can search by plant name, type, height, flower color, or by using a keyword. Search for deer-resistant plants, xeric plants, or even fragrant flowers. Create your wish list, and we'll help you make those wishes come true as the season progresses and you are ready to plant.
Just click on the magnifying glass to get started!
Safe to plant out now. Wide range of beautiful, bright colors
in clear and faced blooms for early flower gardens.
25% Off 
Nursery-Grown Aspen Trees
Splendid yellow to golden fall color over light bark. This Rocky Mountain native has leaves that shimmer in the breeze. Aspen grow to 30’ tall. Nursery grown aspen trees have better success rates than planting collected trees.
Champagne Bubbles
Iceland Poppies
Elegant perennial with fragrant flowers that resemble silky crepe paper and sway with the slightest breeze.
Blooming now
1 L (4” sq.) pot. Reg. $7.99
Save 25% on each when you buy both bags now
Ferti-Lome Two-Step Fertilizer and Maximum Weed Control for Lawns
Lawn Food Plus
Crabgrass & Weed Preventer
For All Seasons
Stops grassy and broadleaf weeds before they come up. Complete lawn feeding. Apply now to mid April. 
Covers 5,000 sq. ft. Reg. $26.95
Weed Out
Plus Lawn Fertilizer
Controls over 200 broadleaf weeds and fertilizes with a slow, steady release of nitrogen to keep your lawn lush and green. Apply around the end of May.
Covers 5,000 sq. ft. Reg. $24.95
5 Bags for $9.95
Country Pride Top Soil
A blend of composted manure,
top soil and humus. Use in gardens, transplanting, blending
with existing soil, and filling
low spots in lawns.
1.25 cu. ft. Reg. 2.99 each
20% Off
Soil Soaker Hoses
For deep, even soaking.
Can be placed above
or below ground.
Available in 25’, 50’, 75’
and 100' lengths
Audrey Purple Shades Rock Cress
Cheerful purple perennial ground cover. For borders and rock gardens.
Blooming now.
1 L (4” sq.) pot. Reg. $9.95
FoxFarm Strawberry Fields
Potting Soil
Specifically designed for fruiting and flowering plants. Complete and
ready-to-grow rich potting soil.
1.5 cu. ft. Reg. $26.95
Offers good through Thursday, April 9
What's New?
Each of the GE LED Grow Lights is designed to fit a specific plant’s growth stage! The Advanced Red Light Spectrum bulb is best for flower and fruit – the Balanced Light Spectrum bulb is best for seeds and greens. They provide quality natural-looking light while cutting down on energy costs. 

E-Z Root is microbial-based rooting compound to help grow new plants from cuttings. The naturally occurring bacteria improves soil conditions for root growth. E-Z Root works on rooted and unrooted cuttings. It can be used as a dip, a drench in soils, or as an additive
in hydroponic systems.
In the flower garden… Pot begonias and dahlias now and keep them indoors until May. This will give them a good head start and they’ll bloom earlier after putting them outside. Place your plant supports into position early! If you wait until the plants really need support, it will be difficult to place as the plants will then be too large. This is especially true of peonies. 

In the vegetable garden… Plant your fast-growing crops in two-week intervals to prolong the availability of lettuce, spinach, peas and radishes. When the weather gets too warm for these vegetables, plant some in the shade of taller plants, like pole beans and corn. This system is also good for gardeners with limited space.

Getting your lawn off to a great start… This is the month to core aerate your lawn, then fertilize to start the season off right. Not only does this help the lawn’s vigor and health, it also reduces maintenance and water usage! Be sure your lawn is well watered a day or two before aeration. Keep your mower blade sharp. Dull blades can invite lawn diseases to enter crushed grass blades. Bring your rotary mower blades into Echter's for sharpening. You can bring them in either on or off the mower.

For the birds… It’s spring cleaning season even for the birds! If you haven’t cleaned your bird houses this year, clean them out and then spray them with a bird feeder cleaner before the new birds arrive to house hunt. Continue feeding the birds at your feeders as well. Seed-producing plants are just beginning to grow, and there are now more birds competing for the depleted wild seed supply. Try to keep fresh water available also.

“It was such a pleasure to sink one's hands into the warm earth, to feel at one's fingertips the possibilities
of the new season.” 

Kate Morton, The Forgotten Garden
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