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Summer Savings 
Our plant experts are here for you 7 days a week if you need advice on any gardening issues.  Let us help you be happy with your gardens. 
Special Values

30-50% Off
In-stock Outdoor Furniture
 Our "End of Season" Patio Furniture Sale starts now.
At these prices you can put yourself into some really luxurious furniture. Enjoy life outdoors with your friends and family. We're offering end-of-season pricing while there is still time to enjoy your furniture this year.
This sale only extends to Sept. 28.


20% Off Perennials
Spruce up your beds and borders for
years with some eye-catching perennials.
Hundreds of varieties to choose from.
Save on all perennials including new
garden mums just coming into bloom.

30% Off Rose Bushes
(Seasonal Clearance)
Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers around,
so why not add a few rose bushes to your garden? 
You'll find a good selection of new varieties 
as well as your old favorites.


25% Off Birdbaths
Your feathered friends will appreciate it.
Made from concrete, metal, ceramic or glass.
Many sizes, colors and styles.

20% Off Wind Chimes
Finely-tuned chimes offer soothing melodies.
Wide variety to choose from.

20% Off Hobby Greenhouses
Protect your plants from cold snaps early in the season.


Offers good through Thursday, August 24.   
Classes & Events

Fall classes start September 2. Click the link below for a full schedule

Landscaping your  
Colorado Garden
Saturday, Sept. 2, 10-11 am 
Discover trees, shrubs, and perennials that grow well in our region.
Learn plant combinations and basic design principles to create curb appeal,
and enhance your outdoor living spaces. 
Presented by: Dan Lee
Black Forest Landscape Designs

Planting for Success 
Saturday, Sept. 2, 2-3 pm 
Tips and techniques for planting trees, shrubs, and perennials.
Learn how to improve soil, water properly, mulch appropriately,
and place plants in your landscape to get your new plants on the right track.
Presented by: Brian Anglin
Echter's Landscape Specialist
- Blackberry Preserves
- Bloomerang Purple Lilac
- Mosquito Dunks
- Tropical Hibiscus

Buy any Pot at Reg. Price,
Get a Larger or Higher-Priced
Pot for 1/2 Price  

Pots Choose from our selection in the greenhouses
or in the fenced outdoor sales area.
Wide choice of sizes and stylish colors

 w/coupon only-Offer expires 8/31/17

Valid at Echter's Garden Center only. 
Coupons subject to change without notice. Distribution on property prohibited. 

$10.00 Off 18 lb. Box
Colorado Peache

Tree ripened by C&R Farms to optimize flavor and quality,
then shipped immediately to Echter's.
These are juicy and delicious.
Call ahead to reserve your box.  Reg. $39.9

 w/coupon only-Offer expires 8/31/17
 Valid at Echter's Garden Center only. 
Coupons subject to change without notice. Distribution on property prohibited.

Continue fertilizing annuals, perennials and roses as instructed on your favorite fertilizer. This will give you continued flowering all season long.

"Dead-head" (pinch off the spent blooms) on perennials, annuals and roses for longer flowering periods and more and larger blooms.
If your houseplants have been in the same pot for two or more years, this is a good time to repot them into an attractive container which is at least two inches larger than the present pot.

Protect your trees and shrubs from grass trimmers. The best way to protect them is to eliminate the grass directly around the tree, encircle it with weed fabric, and mulch with bark or rock.
Examine all trees, shrubs, roses, perennials and annuals for insects and diseases. This is the time of year these problems begin. There are controls for any of these situations.

"'I've always felt that having a garden is like having a good and loyal friend."
            C. Z. Guest
Because Life Should be Beautiful!
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