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Our 2021 Seeds Are In!
It's a fresh new year, and though the ground is frozen, and spring is still just a dream, January is actually the perfect time to begin planning this year's garden! So if you find yourself sipping cocoa while visions of heirloom tomato plants dance in your head, it's okay!
Why? Because our huge selection of 2021 seeds packets
is here at Echter's!
Yup! Our seed racks are filled with fresh new Lake Valley, Botanical Interests, and Beauty Beyond Belief seeds. Whether you're planning on sticking with tried-and-true varieties or sampling some new ones, you'll find the best selection of the year is right now! We stock the best varieties for Colorado gardens, and they include a good selection of organic and heirloom seeds!

If you'd like to save while you plant, scroll down for a special coupon for 50% off Vegetable & Flower Seeds, then get ready to get a jump on those spring garden dreams!

A note of caution: some new or popular seed varieties can sell out quickly,
so bring your seed coupon in early for a great deal on what you plan
to grow from seed this year!
Why Start Seeds Indoors?

Besides just being a lot of fun, one of the best reasons to start seeds indoors is that here in Colorado, the growing season tends to be rather short — even more so in the mountain communities! Being able to set plants out (as opposed to sowing seed directly outdoors) allows your crops to be a few weeks ahead at the beginning of the season, and that means earlier harvests of those tasty spring and summer veggies!

You might also consider starting from seed if you'd like to try varieties of veggies that we don't offer as plants in the spring.

If you've got little gardeners around the house, the process of planting a dry, dead-looking seed into soil, then watching it sprout and grow into a live plant is nothing less than magic — as well as a valuable lesson in where our food comes from. One small seed can grow a lot more than a plant. It just may grow a gardener!

Some veggies NOT to start indoors: both radishes and spinach are easier to sow directly into the soil outdoors. Carrots and lettuce are fussy about being transplanted, so direct sowing produces better results in those plants.
Getting Ready for Seed Starting Season
This is a good time to take inventory of your seed-starting supplies like pots, soil, and flats. Clean and sterilize any pots and flats that you've used before, or purchase new ones. You might want to add a propagation heat mat to your supply list. It keeps the soil in the trays at a consistently warm temperature. You'll get quicker germination, more seedlings, and more uniformity.
We're fully stocked with the supplies you'll need to grow healthy seedlings.
Our gardening experts can answer your questions about
seed germination and timing.
Are you missing that garden-fresh crunch on sandwiches and in salads? Try growing your own microgreens indoors now!

Microgreens are essentially seedlings of edible vegetables, herbs, and grains, but they pack a lot more punch in the nutrition department! Nutrients are more concentrated in seedlings, so microgreens are loaded with up to forty times more vitamins than their more mature counterparts. They're also packed with intense flavors and provide a nice textural contrast in dishes.

You can easily grow your own for the price of a packet of seeds! They're ready to harvest in a week or two, and you can enjoy fresh, nutritious greens at your fingertips all winter long.

Try the Botanical Interests Seed Sprouter! Its tray system allows you to grow up to four batches at a time. It makes storing your sprouts easier too. Just cover with the lid, and keep cool. Repeated rinsing will keep your sprouts fresh, crunchy, and delicious.

We stock a nice variety of microgreens seed mixes
from mild & mellow to spicy & savory.
Refresh with Indoor Plants
Now that the holiday décor is packed away, rooms can seem a little bare. January is a great time to bring a little life back to your indoor spaces. Chase away the winter blues with a few colorful flowering plants. If you've got a sunny window, consider going tropical! Try growing your very own orange, grapefruit, or tangerine tree.

Indoor plants do more than just beautify your indoor space though. Bringing nature into your interior living space improves air quality, reduces toxins, and reduces stress. Visit us to discover the plants that best fit your preferences, space, and lighting levels.
Enhance your winter décor with a taste of the tropics!
Freshen and humidify your indoor air. Includes
many blooming houseplants.
(Least expensive plants are half-price)

25% Off
Pruning Tools
Choose from any of our professional-quality pruners, loppers, shears, and saws. Make your project easier with
a sharp new tool.
25% Off
Botanical Interests
Microgreens & Sprout Mixes
Liven up sandwiches, salads, and soups! Tasty and nutritious microgreens are very easy to grow, and can be grown at any time
— even indoors in the winter!
25% Off
Tabletop Fountains
They can provide relaxation in key areas such as a busy work desk, or on a nightstand next to your bed. Just set one on the surface, fill it with water,
plug it in, and you're good to go!
You'll feel relaxed and rejuvenated almost instantly.
25% Off
We carry many different types and sizes of houses to accommodate varied types of birds. If you know which species you want to host, we can help you choose the size and entrance hole suitable for those specific birds.
Offers good through Thursday, January 28
What's New?
Haxnicks Microgreens Growing Mats are made from coir fiber with natural latex and are designed to fit the Haxnicks Bamboo Seed Trays as well as many other seed trays. They are fully compostable.
The Haxnicks Bamboo Seed Tray is made from bamboo and rice. The tray will last five or more years in normal use and is suitable for use indoors or outdoors. It's biodegradable.
Clancy Potato is grown from seed not sets! Clancy grows in a diversity of colors, and has great quality — it even won the 2019 All-America Selections award! Small (¾"-1½") potatoes are both round and fingerling shaped with smooth skin in a mix of shades between rose-gold and red. This creamer potato has a pale yellow to white interior and creamy texture when cooked. Seeds are pelleted with an organic coating for easy handling.

We're gearing up for the spring season here at Echter's, and that means one thing —
we're gonna need some help!

We're looking for friendly, helpful people who know (or want to learn about) growing, gardening, and related products. Full and part-time seasonal positions are available. (Plus, Echter's employees get
great discounts!)

If you're interested, head over to our website, and fill out an application!
  • Black Gold Seedling Mix
  • Owl Mini Planters
  • African Violet Food
  • Flavored Honey Butters
  • Berry Treat Suet
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2021 Vegetable & Flower
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Control those fungus gnats! If you have a problem with those very annoying fungus gnats coming from the soil around your houseplants, try making the soil a little more inhospitable to them! Gnats thrive in moist soil and are able to quickly multiply. Try letting your plants dry out down to at least one-inch depth before watering them. If you're still noticing the gnats, add some whitefly sticky traps to catch them as they fly out of the soil. Quick Kill Mosquito bits with Bti, a biological pesticide, spread on the surface of the soil will kill the larvae.

Winter Tree/Shrub Care. It is very important to water your lawns, trees, shrubs, perennial and bulb beds once a month during dry spells throughout the winter as weather permits. You will reduce the chance of root damage on perennials, trees and shrubs and reduce insect population and disease problems in your lawn next year. Knock down heavy snows from your shrubs and tree branches by gently pushing up with a broom. Start with the lower branches and work your way up the tree or shrub.

Feeding birds this winter? This is when they'll need a high-energy food. Many of our seed mixes provide extra energy for this time of year. Remember the suet! It's an important high-energy food source.

Provide fresh water for your feathered friends. You'll want to add a de-icer heating element to your birdbath to keep unfrozen water available through the winter. Although birds can eat snow, it costs them precious energy to warm the snow up to body temperature — a costly expense in severe cold. Flying around in search of water burns more energy and can take birds farther away from food sources. 

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