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As the first week of autumn nears its end, cooler temperatures have begun to grace the Front Range, and the spectacular colors of the season won't be far behind! After a long, hot summer, these cooler days are a welcome relief for both gardens and gardeners!

But before you put away the garden clogs and settle in with a hot mug of spiced cider, there are just a few more garden chores to be done. They're especially important because what you do now can make a huge difference in the success (or failure) of next year's garden. And it's especially important to do them now because the next cold front could be the one to bring our 1st frost!
Begin by preparing for the first visit from Jack Frost. Now is the time to find the floating row covers, and keep them handy to protect your crops from the first sporadic frosts of the season. That way, your garden will be able to continue to thrive during the warm days that will invariably follow.

Frost-hardy crops like kale and collards can be left in the garden well after the first frosts until the foliage finally succumbs to the freezing weather. Onions should be harvested only after their tops fall over. Celery and late cabbage may be harvested after the frost has stopped their growth. Root crops like carrots, beets, and turnips can remain in the ground until there is a danger of the soil itself freezing.
Don't be tempted to harvest winter squash, or pumpkins too soon! They're fine in the garden until the vines are frost-killed and the skin is hard to the thumbnail. However a hard freeze will damage the fruits. For more information on how to store these vegetables (and more!), Colorado State University provides this handy fact sheet on the best ways to harvest and store vegetables.
Clean up the beds. Start winterizing your garden with a good cleanup. Remove all weeds, so they don't seed, or dig deeper roots over the winter. Pull out all dead plant material. Cleaning out dead-and-dying plants isn't just to make the garden look nicer. It helps prevent a build-up of disease-causing bacteria and destructive insects.
Amend the soil. Autumn is a good time to amend your soil by mixing in organic matter, such as a fresh layer of compost. Rototilling, or turning over the soil, will reduce insect and disease problems next year as well. Do this when the
soil is dry.

Add fresh mulch to perennial beds, trees, and shrub areas. Renewing all mulches in the fall has several benefits: it helps maintain a constant soil temperature, retains moisture, and prevents exposure of roots and the subsequent winter damage that follows.

Then you can free to settle back and enjoy the season knowing that your garden is well-prepared for a long winter's nap!
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Saturday Classes and October Events
Orchids:Exotic but Easy
Saturday, September 29
10:00-11:00 am
Orchids are beautiful, fascinating, and surprisingly easy to grow! Learn some of the best varieties for your home, as well as tips & techniques to successfully grow and re-bloom orchids.
Presented by: Shirlee McDaniels,
The Denver Orchid Society
Winemaking For Gardeners
Saturday, September 29
2:00-3:30 pm
Making wine at home is fun, and it's easier than you think! Richard Bender, author of Wild Wine Making, has been making wine for more than 30 years! Join him as he shares the secrets of his simple, no-chemical, no-sulfite method! Learn how to use the fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs from your garden, and get started on a new adventure!

Fall Quilt Show
Friday, October 5 - Sunday, October 7
The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum will display an exhibit of quilts at Echter's! This popular display includes a wide range of styles from heirloom to contemporary, and has become an annual tradition for quilt lovers!

African Violet Show & Sale
Saturday, October 13
10:00-3:00 pm
The 3 G's (Gloxinia, Gesneriad Growers) will once again host a show and sale at Echter's. These intriguing plants are prized by indoor gardeners. It's a great opportunity to find unusual varieties and learn from the experts.

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Do yourself a favor this fall: Plant the small, early-flowering bulbs (like snowdrops and crocus) where they can easily be seen from indoors, since they bloom when it's usually still too cold to enjoy them outdoors!

Be smart about storing bulbs! When digging up your cannas, dahlias, and gladioli, use a felt-tipped pen to write on the bulbs what color each bulb is. That way, you'll be able to easily identify which is which in the spring! Store these, and other tender bulbs, in moistened vermiculite or peat moss in a cool area to protect them from freezing over the winter.

Watch for leaf color to change on the trees and shrubs around your neighborhoods. Why? Then when you come into the nursery, you'll be able to select shrubs and trees with just the color you want! Genetically, trees and shrubs may have different shades of fall color, so this is an especially good time to choose plants for your yard.

Got some bare spots in your lawn? September is an excellent time to overseed your lawn! Cooler temperatures mean less stress on both you and your lawn. One great reason to overseed bare spots: a dense lawn is good protection against weeds!

What's in a Name?
The most distinctive feature of the flowers of this popular perennial is the prominent infertile stamen. Some of these are longer and extremely hairy, giving the general appearance of an open mouth with a fuzzy tongue protruding and inspiring the name beardtongue!

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