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Autumn Has Arrived!

The 90 degree temperatures without any moisture suddenly changed to the cool and rainy period we are in now. The warm rich colors of fall are also arriving. The spectacular show of oranges, rusts, browns and golds creates a perfect backdrop to the crispness in the air.   
Complement the colors of the season in your garden with mums. They can provide years of enjoyment in the perennial garden or you can plant for a huge one-time color show now. Icebreaker pansies planted now will bloom beyond the frosts and come back in a cheerful early spring awakening.
October is the best month to plant your spring-flowering bulbs like tulips, daffodils, alliums, crocus and hyacinths. "When fall is in the air, bulbs go in the ground."
Floating row covers or frost blankets will protect crops from the sporadic frosts so that they will continue to thrive during the warm days that follow.

Not all crops need to be harvested before the frosts come.  Root crops can remain where they are until there is a danger of the soil freezing. Onions should be harvested when their tops fall over. Do not harvest winter squash or pumpkins until the vines are frost killed and the skin is hard to the thumbnail. Celery and late cabbage can be harvested after frost has stopped their growth. Kale and collards can be left in the garden until long after the first fall frost; harvest as needed until the foliage finally succumbs to the cold weather.

The Colorado State University Extension provides this Fact Sheet about harvesting and storing vegetables.   
October is a beautiful time to enjoy your garden. The weather is perfect to be outdoors enjoy the changing foliage. It is also the ideal time to get your garden ready for its dormant period and to prepare it for next year's growing season. What you do now and in the coming months can make a huge difference in the success of next year's garden.

Start winterizing your landscape by giving your garden a good clean up. Remove weeds so they don't seed or dig deeper roots over the winter, and pull out all dead plant material.  
Cleaning out dead and dying plants isn't just to make your garden look nicer, it helps to prevent build-up of disease-causing bacteria and destructive insects. 
Fall is a good time to amend your soil by spreading in organic matter such as a layer of compost. Rototilling or turning over soil will reduce insect and disease problems next year. Do this while the soil is dry. Add mulch where needed to perennial garden areas and around trees and shrubs. 
It's also the perfect time to get creative with pumpkins, cornstalks, flags, banners and other Halloween décor. Update your home for the season by creating colorful displays outside with fall plants and festive decorations. Create an attractive patio doorstep by placing vibrant mums or pansies in a pumpkin, or get creative with cornstalks, flags,
banners and other Halloween décor.  

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Classes & Events 
Orchids: Exotic but Easy 
Saturday, Sept. 30, 10-11 am
Orchids are beautiful, fascinating, and surprisingly easy to grow. Learn some of the best varieties for your home, and tips and techniques to successfully grow and re-bloom orchids.
Presented by: Shirlee McDaniels
The Denver Orchid Society
The Art of Bonsai 
Saturday, Sept. 30, 2-3 pm
Discover the fascinating world of bonsai with our guest expert who will cover basic techniques for planting, trimming and shaping, and review suitable plants for bonsai.
Presented by: Richard Bender
Author, Bountiful Bonsai
Richard will have books available for sale and signing following the class.
Quilt Show 
The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum will display an exhibit of beautiful quilts at Echter's from Friday, October 6 through Sunday, October 8.
This popular display includes a wide range of styles from heirloom to contemporary, and has become an annual tradition for quilt lovers.
Stop in to check out these colorful designs! 
African Violet Show & Sale 
The 3Gs (Gloxinia, Gesneriad Growers) will host a show and sale at Echter's on
Saturday, October 14 from 10 am to 3 pm.
These interesting plants are prized by indoor gardeners.
It's a great opportunity to find unusual varieties and learn from the experts!  

What's New

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Bastia Tulip is a large, double, fringed tulip that is absolute mesmerizing. The color combination of red, orange and yellow creates a look of burning embers.
- Sizzle 'N Heat Bird Seed
- Pencil Cactus
- Black Bing Cherry Juice
- Money Tree

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October is the best month to plant your spring-flowering bulbs. Don't forget the bulb food, super phosphate or bone meal when you plant the bulbs. Make sure you water them in thoroughly.
Don't forget to add bulb food or super phosphate when you plant your bulbs. Water them in thoroughly after planting. 
Holiday cacti need special care to get beautiful flowers this December. Buds will form for the holidays if you keep artificial light off them at night starting in mid October.
Deep water trees and shrubs every 3 weeks now. Taper down to once every 4-6 weeks throughout the winter. Do not fertilize trees now.

Green Thumb Winterizer should be applied in mid October. Your lawn will be nice and green again in early spring.

"Learn to be an observer in all seasons. Every single day,
your garden has something new and wonderful to show you
            Author Unknown
Because Life Should be Beautiful!
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