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Winter has packed quite a punch so far this month! We've had plenty of cold and snow. Gardening activity has been limited to daydreaming, seed shopping, and planning for growing season to come. As we get closer to spring, we can usually expect to see a few warm afternoons here and there. On those days, it's a good idea to get outside and check in with your garden.
What kind of gardening tasks can you do in the winter? Late January and early February is an ideal time of year for pruning deciduous trees and shrubs! There's no foliage growth yet, so the branches are easy to see, and pruning out problems now means the tree won't be putting energy into damaged branches when spring finally arrives. Note: Wait to prune spring-flowering shrubs (like lilacs and forsythia), fruit trees, and roses.

Winter pruning doesn't have to be difficult. Check out our pruning blog post, and shape up your trees & shrubs in 3 easy steps!

CHECK YOUR LAWN — When snow and ice are gone from shady areas of lawn (especially on the north side of structures), check to see if snow mold has developed. If it has, gently rake the affected areas to loosen any matted grass. This will help the lawn dry and give unaffected grass room to grow.

CHECK MULCHES Be sure that the winter mulch around your perennials, roses, and bulb beds is still in place. Replace any mulch that has been blown away by heavy winds.

CHECK FOR CRITTERS — If you see “trails” in your lawn, you may have voles, a common rodent in Colorado. Voles have been known to chew on the bark of trees and shrubs — especially junipers. You may notice dead branches on junipers later in the spring. Look deep inside the shrub and you will see where the bark is missing. Talk to our plant doctor for ways to eliminate this pest.
TREAT FOR OVERWINTERING INSECTS — On a nice warm day, you can spray Bonide All-Seasons Dormant Oil on trees, shrubs, roses, vines or most anything else you had insect or disease problems on last year. It kills overwintering insect eggs and will help reduce the problem this year.

PREP GARDEN TOOLS Clean and sharpen gardening tools (we'll sharpen them for a small fee!). Remove any dirt and rust with steel wool, and lightly apply oil to prevent future rust from developing.
Spring will be here before we know it! Checking off these winter garden tasks now will mean a smoother transition into the next busy gardening season!
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SNOW REMOVAL — Knock down heavy snows from your shrubs and tree branches by gently pushing up with a broom. Start with the lower branches and work your way up the tree or shrub.

INDOOR PLANTS If a houseplant is not doing well, check these five growing factors: light, temperature, nutrients, moisture, and humidity. They must all be favorable to provide good growth. If you need help with a diagnosis, bring the plant in to our plant doctors! We'll help you figure it out!

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