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The arrival of summer means an abundance of sunshine and warmer temperatures. A little sunshine can go a long way toward improving our mood. One of the best ways to get some fresh air and free vitamin D is to get out into the garden and enjoy a little garden fun in the summer sun. Grab a hat, and
let's get growing!
If you're looking for an easy-care garden with a color show
that returns on its own year after year, think about planting perennials! They're the backbone of successful
landscape beds & garden borders.
Perennial plants are available in a wide range of colors, textures, heights, and blooming seasons. There's something for every garden sun or shade! Tall plants will provide drama, mid-sized plants bring mass, and groundcovers drift along the soil surface and reduce weeds.
Remember ornamental grasses are perennials too! These make graceful additions to your landscape that will add texture and provide motion with every summer breeze.

One afternoon planting a well-designed perennial bed can give you years of colorful enjoyment. June is a great month to select new additions from our perennials area. Our benches are stocked with a wide variety of perennials. Our salespeople can help you find the right plants to keep your perennial garden stunning at times and interesting year round.

Enjoy homegrown freshness straight from your garden or grow in pots where space is limited. Mix edibles creatively into sunny areas of ornamental beds for an attractive landscape you can eat!
20% Off Hostas
Chosen for their dramatic foliage. Easy-to-grow perennial for shaded areas. Nice selection of leaf shapes, patterns and colors.
$17.95 Pro-Rich
Lawn Fertilizer
Organic based, so it conditions the soil while fertilizing. Contains an essential mixture of sulfur and chelated iron.
40 lb. bag covers 5600 sq. ft. Reg. $23.95
25% Off
Tall Garden Phlox
Fragrant old-fashioned perennial favorite. Long blooming season with showy domed flower heads. Excellent for borders and for cutting.
20% Off
Garden Gloves
Terrific selection of specialty garden gloves. You will find the perfect glove for your garden task.
25% Off
Habersham Candles
Richly-fragranced wax pottery with floral designs. Releases the unique fragrance without burning. 
$74.95 GrubGONE!
Grub Gone is a bio-insecticide for control of white grubs in the yard to prevent and control Japanese beetles. Will not harm pets or wildlife.
10 lb. bag reg. $99.95
25% Off Plant Stands
Decorative stands and tiered stands are available. Choose from a wide assortment of colors and styles for indoor or outdoor use.
20% Off Fountains
Enjoy the soothing and tranquil sounds of running water. Each piece is an
art form in itself with lavish sculptural features and rich coloration.
Made from concrete or resin, our outdoor fountains are durable.
They'll provide many years of beauty.
Offers good through Thursday, July 1

There are just twelve more days left to earn those precious Echter's Greenbucks! Stop by, and earn a few more while you still can. The redemption period (July 1-15) will be here before you know it.

Remember, you can spend your Greenbucks just like cash for up to half of your total purchase. Gather them up and squirrel them away!

What's New?

Go against the grain with Krumbs Kitchen Wheat Straw Utensil Set. Eco-friendly wheat-straw plastic is a durable and reusable. With a cute compact case, this 6-piece set is perfect for meals at the office, traveling, camping, and hiking. Includes: 1 knife, 1 fork, 1 spoon, 1 stainless steel straw, 1 straw cleaning brush, and 1 set of chopsticks.
Get ready for the 4th of July with these amazing glasses! More than 200 million people have viewed fireworks and laser shows wearing these 3D Fireworks Glasses. These eye-opening diffraction glasses have specially-treated lenses that bring the light show to your face. Fireworks will never be the same! 
Ferti-lome Succulent Potting Mix with ECOPEAT formula is the perfect ready-to-use potting mix for all your favorite succulents. The blend of sphagnum peat, ECOPEAT, and perlite ensures maximum porosity, superior drainage, and ideal water retention.
Summer Snowflake Viburnum is a beautiful medium-size shrub with a broadly rounded form. The tiered horizontal branches magnificently display the showy white flower clusters. Highly ornamental red fruit develops in the fall. An excellent specimen or hedge plant. Deciduous. 
  • Swiss Cheese Philodendron
  • Tomato Tone Fertilizer
  • Crimson Sunset Maple Trees
  • Adirondack Chairs
  • Indian Summer Rudbeckia
2 Bags for $9.95
Mini Nuggets Bark Mulch

Use in vegetable and flower beds, in planters and under playground equipment.
2 cu. ft. bags. Reg. $6.99 

w/coupon only-Offer expires 7/8/21
Valid at Echter's Garden Center only.  
Coupons subject to change without notice. Distribution on property prohibited.

Jack's Classic
Blossom Booster

The original 10-30-20 formula developed over 40 years ago for professional growers. More flowers and brighter colors.
100% water soluble. 1.5 lb. Reg. $14.95

w/coupon only-Offer expires 7/8/21
Valid at Echter's Garden Center only.  
Coupons subject to change without notice. Distribution on property prohibited.

For Container Gardens & Hanging Baskets... Container gardens and hanging baskets can require a lot of fertilizer in a short time. The only practical way to get enough fertilizer to them is with a water-soluble fertilizer like Jack's Classic Blossom Booster. Check your outdoor hanging baskets twice a day (morning and afternoon). Water thoroughly so water runs through drainage holes in the pot. Top off your planters and container gardens with a half-inch of Mini Nuggets bark mulch to help keep in the moisture.

In the Vegetable Garden... All vegetables should be harvested early in the morning when it's cool especially lettuce, spinach, herbs, peas, and beans. Pick edible pod or sugar pod peas when the seeds are barely visible for the best quality. Continue fertilizing with a high phosphorus (the second number) fertilizer. Corn is an exception; it prefers a bit higher nitrogen (the first number) in its fertilizer. Plant bee-attracting flowers in and near your vegetable garden to draw these pollinators to your crops.

June Lawn Care... If you fed your lawn in April, it's time to put on another application of fertilizer. A slow-release fertilizer is a must for this time of year. The best part of the day to water lawns is early morning while it is still cool. Use a low-angle sprinkler that puts out large water drops for your lawn watering. This will help reduce water loss due to evaporation. 

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