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It looks like the warm spring weather is here to stay, and that means it's time to get your tender plants into the ground. As spring color fades, plug in some fresh instant color with annuals? The enduring popularity of these plants is easy to explain: they're easy to grow, quick to bloom, and provide gorgeous color all summer long. They're an easy way to turn an ordinary
garden into a colorful masterpiece!
Choose from a brilliant palette... From geraniums to petunias and coleus to begonias, the colors of annual plants run the entire spectrum of the rainbow! It's easy to experiment and "paint with flowers" whether you have sunny or shady areas available. It's a chance to indulge your creative side, and have some fun with your plant selections! Since they're only in the garden for the summer season, you'll have maximum flexibility to try a totally different look
in your landscape from year to year!

Planning your masterpiece ... For this summer's garden masterpiece to be successful, there's more to think about than just the color palette. You'll also want to consider
the way color behaves at different times of the day.

For example, if you'll be spending summer evenings enjoying your garden, you might want to choose plant colors that will show well at that time of day. Red flowers tend to look duller at twilight, while plants with white or silver foliage will glow nicely in a traditional moon garden!

You'll also want to consider the final height and width of your plants at maturity. Following guidelines for recommended spacing, and sun requirements at the planning stage will help ensure that all of those colorful annuals will thrive, rather than struggle, throughout the summer.
The greenhouses at Echter's contain a kaleidoscope of annuals ready to become part of your own summer garden. For an ultra-quick, no-fuss splash of color, you can always choose from our beautiful pre-planted baskets and containers to brighten your deck or patio in an instant. Come in, and
see us for color you can take home and enjoy all summer long.

It's Safe to Plant Tender Plants!

Late frosts are unlikely, and the ground has warmed, so all of those warm-season tender plants should be happy outside.

Remember to harden your plants off gradually before putting them out into the sunny garden all day. What does it mean to harden a plant off? It means to gradually expose a plant to the elements outdoors. 

Plants coming from life in the protected environment of a greenhouse need a chance to get accustomed to the drier air, bright sunshine, and drying wind of an outdoor environment. If they're set out too suddenly, the change can damage them permanently. We recommend that you set them in a semi-protected area for a few days where they'll get some exposure to the elements. Then, when they have been toughened somewhat, you can plant them into a more fully-exposed site. Check out how to get the most out of your annual flowers here.
It's Time to Get Grillin'!

Summer weather will be here before you know it, and it's time to think about the summer grilling season! Are you ready? Is your grill ready? If you'd like to grill with a little more finesse this summer, stop in and chat with one of our specialists. They'll help you make the most of your seasonal entertaining
with a new Weber grill. Grill like a pro this summer!
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What's New?

Little Redhead Indian Pink bristles with color and is topped by profuse sprays of striking firecracker-like red tubular flowers with bright yellow throats. This perennial wildflower is from the eastern woodlands. Try it in your Colorado garden.

Pix Zee Dwarf Peach produces some of the largest fruits of any miniature peach! Fruits ripen early and are delicious, firm and freestone.
Summer-blooming bulbs... Bulbs like dahlias, gladioli, cannas, and lilies can be safely planted outside now. If you started these bulbs inside and they're now up and growing, plant them out now.

Lawn mowing season... Mow your lawn during the day, or early evening when the grass is dry. Never mow when there is moisture on the blades. This will only encourage the spread of disease and cause the clippings to clump. Set your lawn mower blade to 2 ˝" to 3" to encourage deeper, drought-resistant roots. The longer grass will keep the ground cooler and requires less water.

Luring more hummers to your yard... Plant a trumpet vine or honeysuckle to attract more hummingbirds. Check out a list of other Echter's plants which attract hummers.
Inviting more butterflies into your yard... When trying to lure butterflies to your garden, place your butterfly-attracting plants in a large grouping. A saucer full of wet sand will provide water for butterflies. There are plenty of blooms that butterflies just love!

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