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Though we're just a little past New Year's Day and the ground is still frozen, it's not too early to ask Colorado gardeners an important question: What will you grow in your garden this year? Will you try something new, or stick with the tried and true? Whatever you have in mind, January is the perfect time to draw up a plan for the growing season ahead. Why? Because each garden,
large or small, begins with the tiniest of steps: planting a seed —
and our 2020 seeds are in!
Spring Seeds are In!
Our seed racks are bursting with new seeds! Whether you're looking to try out some of the new varieties just introduced for 2020 or you're picking up old favorites, you'll find the best selection of seeds from local companies like Botanical Interests and Lake Valley Seed is right now. These are the best varieties for Colorado gardens, and they include a good selection of organic and heirloom seeds!

Be aware: some new or popular introductions sell out quickly, so bring your seed coupon now for a great deal on what you plan to grow from seed this year!
Are You Ready for Seed Starting Season?
This is a good time to take inventory of your seed starting supplies like pots, soil, and flats. Clean and sterilize any pots and flats that you've used before or purchase new supplies. You might want to add a propagation mat to your supply list! It keeps the soil in the trays at a consistently warm temperature. That means you'll get quicker germination, more seedlings, and more uniformity.
We're fully stocked with all the seed starting supplies you'll need to grow healthy seedlings, and our pros can answer any questions you may have about seed germination and timing. If you're a little overwhelmed by all of the choices and you're not quite sure where to start, we can help! Let our gardening pros
help you plan the garden of your dreams in 2020!
An easy way to go green and keep things fresh in the kitchen this winter is with homegrown herbs! Keep your mint, basil, parsley, thyme, and more within arm's reach right in the kitchen. Herbs are easy to grow, they offer a wonderful fresh fragrance, and they're oh, so delicious for all of those hearty winter soups, sauces, and stews! Echter's has the containers, grow lights, growing media, and specialty fertilizers you'll need to nurture your own fresh-from-the-garden produce throughout the winter months.
Are you looking for a way to raise your nutrition game this winter? Try growing your own microgreens! For years these nutritional powerhouses were grown exclusively for sale to upscale restaurants, but you don't have to be a famous foodie to add these to your winter menus! They're easy to grow right on your kitchen countertop. You can harvest within a few days, then add valuable phytonutrients & antioxidants to your diet effortlessly. From salads to burgers to taco night, you'll look like a pro in your own kitchen. We've got a variety of organic seeds available, plus kits to make it neat and easy to get started!
Refresh with Indoor Plants
Now that the holiday décor is packed away, rooms can seem a little bare. Refresh your home after the holidays with beautiful greenery or chase away those wintry gray-day blues with colorful flowering plants. Houseplants do more than just beautify your indoor space. Bringing nature into your interior living space improves air quality and reduces stress. Visit us to discover the plants that best fit your preferences, space, and lighting levels.

Enhance your winter décor with a taste of the tropics!
Freshen and humidify your indoor air. Includes
many blooming houseplants.
(Least expensive plants are half-price)

25% Off
Decorative Plastic Pots
and Saucers
These colorful pots will brighten your home! Find the color you want from our wide selection when you
are ready to repot your plants.
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Botanical Interests
Microgreens & Sprout Mixes
Liven up sandwiches, salads, and soups. Tasty and nutritious microgreens are very easy to grow, and can be grown at any time
— even indoors in the winter!
25% Off
Tabletop Fountains
They can provide relaxation in key areas such as a busy work desk, or on a nightstand next to your bed. Just set one on the surface, fill it with water,
plug it in, and you're good to go!
You'll feel relaxed and rejuvenated almost instantly.
25% Off
We carry many different types and sizes of houses to accommodate varied types of birds. If you know which species you want to host, we can help you choose the size and entrance hole suitable for those specific birds.
Offers good through Thursday, January 30
What's New?
This LED Art Glass Planter is beautifully handcrafted and comes with a terracotta pot insert. It has a built in timer module that can be set to light up every night for two hours. Made with two layers of art glass that's both chip and scratch resistant.

Baby Choi is a variety of the ancient Asian green bok choy. It is just as excellent in a stir fry as in a marinated salad. Harvest at 5–6" tall in only about 35 days for tender greens. Plants are ideal for growing in containers, make a pretty addition to mixed containers, and resist bolting.

We're gearing up for the spring season here at Echter's, and that means one thing —
we're gonna need some help!

We're looking for friendly, helpful people who know (or want to learn about) growing, gardening, and related products.Full and part-time seasonal positions are available. (Plus, Echter's
employees get great discounts!)

If you're interested, head over to our website,
and fill out an application!
  • Coin Purse/Key Fob
  • Moses in the Cradle
  • Pocket Wall Planter
  • Mother of Millions
  • Bugs, Nuts, & Fruit Seed Cylinder
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2020 Vegetable & Flower
    Seed Packets

Just arrived! Choose from Botanical Interests, Lake Valley, and Beauty Beyond Belief seeds. Buy your spring seeds now and save!

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Mark Your Calendars!
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
March 6-8

Plan to join us for an exciting lineup of guests, speakers,and topics that will inspire and educate you! Free seminars, free demonstrations, special sales, door prizes and much more! It's the ultimate
spring event for gardeners!
Control those fungus gnats! If you have a problem with those very annoying fungus gnats coming from the soil around your houseplants, try making the soil a little more inhospitable to them! Gnats thrive in moist soil and are able to quickly multiply. Try letting your plants dry out down to at least one inch depth before watering them. If you're still noticing the gnats, add some whitefly sticky traps to catch them as they fly out of the soil. Quick Kill Mosquito bits with Bti, a biological pesticide, spread on the surface of the soil will kill the larvae.

Make sure you're using ice melt products wisely! Check to see that the product you're using is safe for lawns, plants, and pets. Though urea can be a safer melting option, it only melts down to about 15 degrees. If you need to use a calcium chloride product for cold-temperature ice melting, try to avoid pushing it onto desirable plants. Even then, apply only as much as needed to melt the ice, and try to keep it in the center of the walkway.

Feeding birds this winter? This is when they'll need a high-energy food. Many of our seed mixes provide extra energy for this time of year. Remember the suet! It's an important high-energy food source.

Provide fresh water for your feathered friends. You'll want to add a de-icer heating element to your birdbath to keep unfrozen water available through the winter. Although birds can eat snow, it costs them precious energy to warm the snow up to body temperature — a costly expense in severe cold. Flying around in search of water burns more energy and can take birds farther away from food sources. 

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