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You see them every summer, and they're simply irresistible! Whether they are small serene ponds in containers or larger in-ground affairs with koi fish and waterfalls, nothing draws attention like a water garden. If your summer garden dreams include creating a water garden this year, getting started can be easier than you think!
Planning Your Water Garden
When thinking about adding a water garden, use three basic principles to guide you: location, sun, and design.

The ideal location should receive a minimum of 6 hours of sun a day. Many aquatic plants require full sun to bloom successfully. You'll want to avoid placing your pond too near trees which could shade the pond and leaf debris could cause problems.

The general size and design of your water garden should complement the existing landscape — not too large or too small for your available space. If you're planning an in-ground pond, check out our list of frequently asked questions, then stop by and have a conversation with one of our experts. They'll help you learn about our selection of pond liners, pumps, filters, and other necessary pond accessories.
Try a Pond in a Pot!
Love the sound of moving water but have little space for a pond? Containers are a great way to try a smaller water garden without the commitment of a larger, more permanent pond.

Choose a container without drainage holes that's at least 15" deep. Our glazed ceramic pots are a popular choice that works well. If you're choosing a whiskey barrel, add a liner to prevent toxins from the wood from leaching into the water. Then you can move on to the fun of choosing plants!
Exploring a New Plant Palette
Water gardens can provide you with the opportunity to explore an entirely different plant palette! There are different types of water plants, and each plays a role in keeping the ecosystem of your pond balanced and healthy.

Aquatic plants fall into three categories: submerged, emergent, and floaters. Submerged plants (like foxtail and hornwort), grow entirely underwater, while
emergent plants (like water lilies) are rooted underwater, but their leaves and stems emerge and extend above the surface. Floaters (like water lettuce) are not potted at all — they simply grow while floating on the surface and provide needed shade for fish.
Our water plants are in for the season, and our pond supplies area is well stocked too. Come get inspired to add a cool splash to your garden or deck this summer!
Pots and saucers are durable enough for outdoors, yet
stylish enough for inside. Terrific selection.
Includes cover pots in bright stylish colors. Just pop a plain pot
into a cover pot! It's an easy way to dress up your plants
to match your décor.
$3.00 Off each Hummingbird Mints (Agastache)
Showy pink or orange flowers most of the summer. Attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Aromatic foliage. Good drought tolerance.
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$15 Off each Alpha One Organic Lawn Fertilizers
Plant-ready nutrients released over time naturally. Choose Alpha One or AlphaLawn II with added iron.
Made in Colorado.
Reg. $69.95 each
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Wind Spinners
Mesmerizing motion in the breeze. Wide variety to choose from. Take one for a spin!
$3.00 Off each Coreopsis
Blooms from June to August. Shades of bright yellow to gold to orange. Perform well in
the mountains.
Reg. $11.95-$17.95
$26.95 FoxFarm Ocean Forest
Potting Soil
This powerhouse blend of premium earthworm castings, bat guano, fish and crab meal is the ultimate potting soil. Perfect for containers.
1.5 cu. ft. Reg. $32.95
20% Off
Bird Seed Feeders
Get a new and clean feeder for your wild bird friends. Specialty feeders for black oil sunflower seed, nyjer, mixed seed and suet so you can attract the birds you want. Get a squirrel-proof feeder if squirrels are
a problem.
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Blueberry Plants
Enjoy fresh blueberries you have grown yourself. Grow them in containers in a low-pH media. Plant 2 varieties or more for good pollination. Great selection of hardy varieties available.
20% Off
Redwood Trellises
The classic beauty of redwood. Heavy duty trellises will support those heavy vines for years.
Grower’s Supreme Mix
Use this mix to fill large
& deep outdoor planter beds. We use this mix for our roses and tomatoes. Bring in your open truck or trailer. Delivery is
also available.
1/2 cu. yard Reg. $99.95
Offers good through Thursday, June 15
Bjorn’s Sweet and Spicy Honey is just that...a wonderful blend of sweet and spice!  
Quick Fire Hydrangea will flower beginning in mid-summer. This shrub has excellent fall color. The blooms turn deep red and the leaves turn gold and burgundy. 
The Original Bendable Coir Pole! 
Handcrafted with premium Manila rope,
it's flexible and easy to use. Perfect for your climbing and vining plants. Available in 16”, 30” and 42” lengths.
  • Profusion Mix Zinnias
  • Dual Deck Rail Planters
  • Arp Rosemary
  • Jirdon Greenmaster Lawn Fertilizer
  • Pugster Periwinkle Butterfly Bush
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Selected Perennial
Ground Covers

Plants act as a living mulch, keeping out weeds
and covering dirt. Most are easy to care for and are vigorous growers. Choose from:
ajuga, creeping jenny, lamium, thyme and veronica.
In packs and pots. Mix or match — Least expensive is free.

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2 Bags for $14.95
Mini Nuggets Bark Mulch

Use in vegetable and flower beds, in planters and under playground equipment.
Reg. $9.95 each. 2 cu. ft. bags.

w/coupon only - Offer expires 6/22/23
Valid at Echter's Garden Center only.  
Coupons subject to change without notice. Distribution on property prohibited.

Watering vegetables wisely... Avoid overhead watering of the flowers of tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, corn, and other vegetables that need pollination. Overhead watering may wash away the pollen and result in fewer fruits!

Conserving water in the garden... Drip irrigation systems are easier than ever to install, and they really conserve water! They place water directly onto the root zone minimizing evaporation, runoff, and soil erosion. Echter's has drip irrigation kits for vegetable gardens, containers, hanging baskets, and flower beds.

Providing water for wildlife... Change the water in your birdbaths weekly, and they should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Not all birds will visit a birdbath. Hummingbirds in particular enjoy flying through a mist of water! Positioning a mister to spray nearby broad leaves is the most effective way to provide water to hummingbirds.
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