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Water Garden Oasis
With the first hot days of June upon us, now is a great time to think about creating your own backyard oasis. A water garden can add a cooling element to any area. You can start simply by using a ceramic pot. Then, once you have gained some experience, go all-out and install a large in-ground pond and even include a waterfall or stream.

When creating your water garden, use these 3 basic principles to guide you: location, size and design. Your water garden should receive a minimum 6 hours of sun a day. Many aquatic plants require full sun to bloom successfully. The water garden should not be too near trees which could shade the pond and leaf debris could cause problems. Your water garden should complement the existing landscape. The edges of a pond should be elevated so that runoff will not enter the pond. If you plan to add koi fish, the pond should be at least 36" deep.

Providing some visual interest and oxygen to keep the water healthy, aquatic plants can be an artistic expression of you. There are three types of water plants.
Submerged plants add oxygen and have stems and leaves that grow entirely under water. Some examples of these are foxtail, anacharis and hornwort.

Water lilies, iris and bog plants are emergent plants that are rooted in the water, but their leaves and stems extend out of the water.
Add a finishing touch to the water surface, and needed shade, with floaters. No potting is necessary because these plants float! The most common examples are water hyacinth and water lettuce. Cover about half of the surface of your water garden with these plants, removing some later as they spread.
Koi fish can be a fun addition to your water garden and help in maintaining the ecosystem balance. Be sure not to overstock. Carefully acclimate your fish to their new environment. Pumps and fountains are not a requirement, but aid in keeping your fish healthy and the sound of moving water is part of the joy of having a pond.

To balance your fish and plant population, choose the right filtering system. There are three basic types of filters to consider. Use a combination of all three for the best water clarity.
  1. Biological filters encourage beneficial bacteria.
  2. Mechanical filters physically remove particles that cloud water. UV lights help clarify green water.
  3. Chemical filtration products aid in the removal of organic waste and harmful chemicals from water.
Water gardening can provide you with a unique gardening experience. At Echter's you will find a large selection of pond plants, a wide range of pond supplies, and our expert advise for helping you create your water garden oasis.
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Pollinator Art Show
June 16-24

rt work has been collected from Jefferson County students and will be on display
at Echter's.
Jefferson County Master Gardeners will be here to answer questions about pollinators and pollinator plants on each weekend. Kids' activities are planned on weekends while the Master Gardeners are here.
What's New?

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Cut flowers for bouquets early in the morning and place the stems immediately into a bucket of water to keep them fresh until you are able to arrange them.

Top off your planters and container gardens with a half-inch of Mini Nuggets bark mulch to help keep in the moisture.

Prevent rose and perennial diseases like powdery mildew from taking hold by using a systemic fungicide before the problem appears. Bee balm, phlox, columbines and lilacs are some of the plants prone to powdery mildew.

Watch for tiny holes in radish and bean leaves. Flea beetles are most likely the problem. Spray or dust with Eight to take care of those tiny problems.

Those impossible weeds like bindweed, dandelions and thistle in your lawn can be controlled with Ferti-lome's Weed Out or Weed Free Zone. These are the most effective weed killers you can buy.

Watch for wasps or yellowjackets in and around your trees (especially aspens). This may be a sign that there are aphids on the leaves. By ridding your trees of the aphids, the yellowjackets will go away.

Change the water in your birdbaths weekly and clean your bird feeders to prevent diseases.
What's in a Name?
Cranesbill is the common name for hardy Geranium. Geranium is derived from the Greek word geranos, which means "crane." The name describes the seed capsules, which are long, pointed and shaped like the beak of a crane.
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