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Now is the time to plan and design your garden areas and a raised bed can be the solution to a number of challenges when it comes to Colorado gardening. They are easier to maintain than traditional in-ground beds and with careful management, they also can be more productive. As a result, raised beds are becoming increasingly popular in home vegetable gardening.
Since raised beds warm faster than the ground, your growing period is longer than if you had a traditional garden. Raised planting beds also allow greater and quicker control over soil pH, moisture availability and drainage.

Certain vegetable plants prefer different soil types and depths and a raised bed allows you to separate these various soils. 6" - 12" is the average range in height of a raised bed. Make them no wider than 4' to keep them accessible. Don't just use garden soil in your raised bed. You need a soil that drains better, especially in shallower beds. Echter's blends a mix designed especiallyfor raised beds. Try them with drip irrigation. It's especially efficient on raised bed areas.  

Because the conditions are so controlled, raised bed gardens are much more forgiving for beginning gardeners. They're also a great way to garden with kids. Gardeners of any age, however, can appreciate advantages of gardening in raised beds. They are easier to plant and harvest with less bending, which offers a huge advantage of reducing back strain.
There is also less empty space for weeds to grow, so less weeding!  

You can purchase raised garden kits, or create your own design that fits your style and outdoor space. Get creative with your raised bed by adding a variety of levels giving it a layered look. Create a spiral effect with vertical wood for visual interest.  
Give it a try! You are sure to appreciate the benefits and the convenience of raised bed gardening!

Find the Perfect Plants for Your Garden! 
Try Echter's online Plant Finder tool to assist you in finding the perfect plants for your landscape and garden needs. You can search our plants by name, type, height, flower color, or simply using a keyword. Search trees, shrubs, perennial plants and annual flowers. Start with a basic search.
Then, if you want to refine your search further, click on the link for an advanced search.
Plant Finder  
You can find plants for xeriscape gardens, deer-resistant plants and plants with fragrant flowers.  
You can even create a plant list online to remember your choices, print it and bring it into the store with you.  
Click the link below to go directly to our Plant Finder, or go to our web site anytime to try it out.  
Special Values 

25% Off Cold-Hardy Pansies
Wide range of beautiful, bright colors in clear
and faced blooms for early flower gardens.
Safe to plant out now.

$17.95 - Pro-Rich Lawn Fertilizer
Organic based so it conditions the soil while fertilizing.
Contains an essential mixture of sulfur and chelated iron.
40 lb. bag covers 5600 sq. ft.
Reg. $22.95 

25% Off
Nursery-Grown Aspen Trees
Splendid yellow to golden fall color over light bark.
This Rocky Mountain native has leaves that shimmer in the breeze.
Much better success rates than planting collected trees.
Aspen grow to 30' tall.

25% Off
Glazed Ceramic Asian Pottery
The style of your plant starts from the bottom.  Terrific selection-unique designs, all sizes and colors.
Durable enough for outdoors.


$2.99 - Earth Essentials Top Soil
  Contains bark fines, compost and soil.
  Use in flower beds, gardens, lawns.
  Great for filling in low areas.
  1 cu. ft. bag   Reg. $3.99


20% Off Perlite & Vermiculite
Popular components in potting mixes.
Small bags to giant 3.5 cu. ft. bags available.

$19.95 - Natural Guard Soil Activator
It's a natural-based soil conditioner that unlocks nutrients to improve soil structure and fertility. It improves turf and plant resistance to stress.
You can use it on flower beds and vegetable gardens too.

40 lb.  Reg. $24.95 


$9.95 - Expanded Shale
Long lasting soil amendment.
Thousands of tiny pores in expanded shale quickly
absorb moisture and slowly release it into your soil.
40 lb.  Reg. $12.95


Offers good through Thursday, April 6
Classes & Events 

Meet the Experts & Learn From the Pros
Saturday, March 25: 
The Great Outdoor Garden

10am - 11am   
Landscaping with the Natives 
                       Native plants are dependable, durable, look good 
                       and are right at home in your garden.
                       Presented by: Scott Skogerboe, Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery
1pm - 2pm      
Perennials for Pollinators 
                       The perennial garden is a busy place for pollinators, 
                       so important to our environment. Learn what plants attract    
                       what pollinators and tips for care and maintenance.
                       Presented by: Matt Cunningham, Britton Nursery  
3pm - 4pm
Hardy Cactus and Succulents  
                       Desert succulents such as agave, yucca and hardy cacti provide 
                       significant year-round presence to your garden. Kelly will share 
                       gardening know-how for using these water-wise plants in the garden.
                       Presented by: Kelly Grummons, Brown's Greenhouse 

Meet the Experts: 

                     Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery
                       11am - 12 noon
                     Beauty Beyond Belief Wildflower Seed
                       11am - 1pm
                     Britton Nursery
                       2pm - 3pm
                     Brown's Nursery
                       4pm - 5pm


Mark your calendar for our Spring Girlfriends Night Out: A Party with a Purpose!
Join us for a night of fun on Thursday, April 13 from 5:00 - 8:00 pm 
Representatives from local businesses will offer wine and food samplings
while you browse beautiful jewelry, clothing and accessories,
luxurious body care, travel opportunities and more!

What's New
Ultra-fragrant Kringle Candles offer the best   
of the traditional and the new, with exciting candle
products designed to mesh with virtually any decor.  
Kringle has worked hand-in-hand with the industry's
finest perfumers to select an array of robust,
candle fragrances. The all-white candles
emit the purest, brightest light possible.

The Wireless Color Weather Station features animated color forecast icons and tendency indicator. It monitors indoor and wireless outdoor temperature (F/C) and humidity. There is atomic self-setting time and date with automatic daylight saving time reset (optional on/off) as well as heat index and dew point and indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity alerts (hi/lo).

Art Planters have a unique finish that is   digitally printed
in the USA with 3-year UV-resistant inks.   
They feature a double-walled rim, built-in wheels
for easy mobility, and a removable planter insert.
Made of lightweight, durable polypropylene.


Nature's Source Fertilizers
are easy, efficient and effective.
The all-purpose formulation is good for most things you grow: flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables and herbs. The concentrated formula is easy to mix and goes a long way. It is also available in a hose-end sprayer.


Piper & Leaf Teas feature the flavors of fresh produce.
Peaches, apples, beets, figs, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries,
& lots of different herbs that are harvested in north Alabama. These give the blends vibrant & refreshing flavors! They search for exquisite teas of high quality with complementary flavors to the fresh fruits, roots & herbs that they blend in. Take a flavorful break; it's tea time!

- Quince Jelly
- American Fireglass
- Pink Himalayan Bacon Salt
- Fall Gold Raspberry

10 Strawberry Plants 

Grow your own luscious strawberries.
Packages of 10 dormant strawberry plants.
Choose from 4 varieties. Reg. $5.99
Limit 6 packages w coupon

                                  w/coupon only-Offer expires 4/13/17
                                                        Valid at Echter's Garden Center only. 
                         Coupons subject to change without notice. Distribution on property prohibited. 

Buy 2 Bags, Get 1 FREE
Soil Pep

Better soil yields better plant growth. 
Soil Pep is a bark-based soil amendment that
you mix into your existing soil.
1.5 cu. ft.  Reg. $5.99

                                 w/coupon only-Offer expires 4/13/17
                                                        Valid at Echter's Garden Center only. 
                       Coupons subject to change without notice. Distribution on property prohibited.
  • An easy way to harden plants that are going outdoors is to cover them with Plant & Seed Guard for a few days after you plant them. You can use wire supports if necessary to hold the fabric away from the plants. Attach it to the ground with wire staples. It's re-usable. 
  • Pot begonias and dahlias now and keep them indoors until later in May. This will give
    them a good head start and they will bloom earlier after putting them outside.
  • Spring is the best time to divide perennials that bloom in mid or late summer such as asters and chrysanthemums. Wait until September to divide early spring-flowering perennials like bleeding hearts and peonies.
  •  Check for borer holes in your shade, spruce and pine trees. Evidence of these borers will
    be small holes, possibly with evidence of sap and/or sawdust. Our plant doctors can recommend the proper treatment depending on the type of tree and borer. Remove protective tree wrap from young trees now.
  •  Plant four weeks earlier by using Season Starter plant protectors in April. You can set tomatoes & pepper plants inside them ten days after initial setup of your Season Starter. The setup period allows the soil beneath the solar shelters to warm to a temperature suitable for plant growth.
  •  Fertilize your lawn now to mid April with the first application of the year. By using a fertilizer with pre-emergent (weed and grass preventer), you will be able to keep many annual grass and weed seeds from germinating.

"Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been, I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders".
            ~ Henry David
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