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Though summer is winding down and everyone is preparing to welcome autumn, here at Echter's we're pretty excited about spring! Why? Our spring-flowering bulbs have arrived, and it's time to plant a springtime color show in the fall!

If you've never tried planting bulbs before, you'll find this is one autumn garden task that pays big rewards the following the spring! Bulbs are among the easiest flowers to grow, and they'll provide a welcome splash of color after a winter of white in the garden! Even a novice gardener can create a breathtakingly
beautiful spring color display with just a few humble bulbs.
What's On the Shelves? Bulbs are arriving from the Netherlands this week, a little later than usual. You'll find brand new varieties for 2021, along with your old favorites. Look for tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinth, allium, anemone, muscari, and colchicum (fall-blooming crocus!). Remember to wait until the weather cools in October to plant your spring-flowering bulbs
Explore Perfect Partners Packs!
It's easy to be overwhelmed by all of the different varieties of bulbs, the bloom times, and all of those irresistible colors! Make it easier with a Perfect Partners pack! These are bags of bulbs with two or more complementary spring flowers that will bloom at the same time and are chosen to look great together.
Pay us a visit! Mums are blooming in beautiful autumn colors on the benches, and asters, sedums, ornamental grasses & other fall classics are available in the perennial yard. Indoors look for pansies in pots and flats for a bright splash of color in fall container plantings. We'll help you fill out your fall garden beds, and get next year's spring color show started!
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All shade and ornamental trees,
flowering shrubs, and evergreens are on sale!
It's still a great time to plant! Cooler weather offers comfortable planting conditions, and plants have time to establish themselves before winter due to the still-warm soil temperatures.

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Greenwich Bay Dusting Powder is a fresh, natural treat for your skin after a bath or shower. The light scent is pleasant without being overpowering. It comes with a plush body puff for easy all-over application that's pure luxury.

Available in Lavender Chamomile, Lemon Verbena and Rosewater & Jasmine scents.
Giant Autumn Colchicum brings the beauty of spring to the fall garden. The lavender pink flowers appear in the autumn. In the spring, broad leaves appear and grow through the summer. They will decline before the flowers appear as a surprise in the fall!
Pink Sunrise Muscari combine nicely with perennials or under shrubs. The pastel pink flowers are accented by the dark green grassy foliage. 
Join us for these fun, free, drop-in classes.
No need to sign up or register, just stop by and join the fun!
Saturday, September 18
Now is the perfect time to set the stage for next year’s garden. Plant perennials and bulbs for season-long beauty; and review essential maintenance for keeping your garden healthy and beautiful.

Gracyn Kanan & Gay Bechir, Echter's Nursery & Perennials Specialists

Saturday, September 18
Learn how to harvest and preserve the fresh herbs you grew this spring and summer to add year-round flavor to your favorite recipes.

Instructor: Whitney McMillan,
Echter's Indoor Plant Specialist
Saturday, September 25
Keith has decades of experience in transforming a wide range of fruit into beautiful and delicious jams and jellies. A great opportunity to learn from a nurseryman who knows the realm of fruit-bearing plants. Your taste buds are in for a treat!

Instructor: Keith Williamson
Little Valley Nursery
Saturday, September 25
Orchids are beautiful, fascinating, and surprisingly easy to grow! Learn some of the best varieties for your home, and tips and techniques to successfully grow and re-bloom orchids.

Instructor: Shirlee McDaniels,
The Denver Orchid Society
  • Rosemary
  • Dr. Earth Bulb Food
  • Pink Creeping Baby's Breath
  • EZ Green Grass Seed
  • Bela Lugosi Daylily
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Winterizer fertilizers are formulated to help build roots for winter hardiness and help the lawn turn green the following spring.

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Perfect Partners
Flower Bulbs

Perfect Partners are bags of bulbs with two or more varieties that bloom together and complement each other. Create a beautiful garden of spring-flowering bulbs.
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Coupon cannot be combined with any other offer. Valid at Echter's Garden Center only.  
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Pansies planted this month will stay in bloom until the ground freezes! Mulch them for winter protection, and these hardy plants will be back in flower when the warm days of spring return. They're great companions for spring-flowering bulbs.

Lawns grow best in spring and fall. They'll benefit greatly from two more feedings. In September, fertilize your lawn with Green Thumb Lawn Fertilizer. Then in mid-October, follow with Green Thumb Winterizer. Your lawn will thank you next spring! In addition, bindweed, dandelions, and other perennial weeds will be moving food reserves down to their roots now. This is a great time to use
Ferti-lome's Weed Free Zone to kill these invasive weeds, roots and all.

Avoid excessive pruning of trees and shrubs because pruning encourages new growth to begin, and you want the plants to harden off before going into
dormancy for the winter. 

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