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A secret we here in Colorado have known for years is that a little sunshine goes a long way toward improving our mood. One of the best ways to enjoy that influx of Vitamin D and the fresh air that goes along with it is to get out in the garden. The time spent in our gardens can be fun and fulfilling.  
Adding some color to your yard or patio stimulates your creativity and takes very little time.
Hanging baskets planted with shade-loving plants can add color under a tree. Flower boxes and wall pots can dress up your fence. Repurposing an unused item, like a wagon or toolbox, into a planter creates a unique piece of living art.  Click on our Pinterest link below for some fun and inspirational gardening projects. 

Some prefer the solitude of gardening, spending that time alone with your flowers contemplating the wisdom of nature and letting loose of the stresses of our busy lives. 
Others enjoy gardening with their children. Learning to love growing your own food is a gift that will last a lifetime. Gardening with kids can range from planting seeds in a windowsill to caring for a houseplant to picking vegetables in a garden. 
Kids delight in unexpected garden surprises. We have several varieties of seeds that yield unusual sizes or colors. Royal Burgundy bush beans or Easter Egg radishes are good examples. Dinnerplate dahlias or State Fair zinnias have flowers that reach enormous sizes. Consider flowers that open and close daily. Osteospermum are open in the day and close at night while moonflowers are open at night and close during the day. 
We still have a fantastic selection of plants available. Choosing the flowers for your garden will be the first part of your fun.

June is National Pollinator Month. Create a butterfly garden for kids to enjoy. Click on the image to the right to go to a National Garden Bureau web page to get started.

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25% Off Edibles
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$11.95 - Jack's Classic Blossom Booster
The original 10-30-20 formula developed over 40 years ago
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$22.95 - Bulk Planting Mix
Use to fill large & deep outdoor planter beds or for low areas 
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Offers good through Monday, July 3. 
What's New

Are you looking for a decorative accent for walkways or garden landscapes? Art Planks are made from highly durable PVC planking that has a faux wood-grain texture. This innovative construction prevents warping and rotting, and features vivid, fade-resistant inks so you can enjoy them for years to come!

Painter's Palette Persicaria
has spreading branches and boldly variegated leaves of yellow, cream, green, red and black. A pretty addition to brighten up shaded areas.


Gold Heart Bleeding Heart
has vivid golden foliage on large open plants that bring contrast and brighten darker shade gardens. Traditional heart-shaped pink flowers dangle from long wands above the leaves. Perfect for woodland gardens and under larger shade trees. 

The Plant Halo defends plants from insect damage by using holographic film that repels aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers and other insects as well as an adhesive band that traps crawling ants and earwigs.
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- Champagne Bubbles Iceland Poppies 
- Big Bag Raised Bed
- Scented Geraniums
- Foldaway Garden Kneeler
- Amber Jubilee Ninebark

Propane Tank Fill-U

Fill your empty 20 lb. tank.
Keep a full spare on hand in case you run out unexpectedly.
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Buy 1 Bag of Lady Bugs,
Get the 2nd Bag for $

Lady Bug Lady bugs eat aphids and other pests.  Perfect for organic gardeners.
Each bag contains over 1500 lady bugs.  
Store the 2nd bag in the refrigerator to release later.  Reg. $9.9

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Mulch your annual flower beds and vegetable gardens now. Use Mini Nuggets bark mulch for the summer and then till it into the ground this fall to improve the soil structure.

Ross netting over your fruit trees and raspberries will help keep birds and squirrels out of your fruit crops. In addition, bird-repelling scare tape can be beneficial in protecting your fruit for a time.

A floating row cover "tent" over your cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower will help eliminate the cabbage looper. If they are already present, a dusting of BT dust will take care of this insect.

Bonide's Tomato & Blossom Set Spray will help the tomato and pepper blossoms set fruit despite poor weather or other unfavorable conditions. You'll get an earlier crop of fruit.

Watch for geranium budworm on geraniums and petunias. Besides the obvious destruction of the flowers, another telltale sign is tiny black droppings on leaves and the ground beneath the plants. The most effective treatment is to spray Eight insecticide every 10 days or treat organically with BT.

Prune only the spent flowers of lilacs. Lilacs set their flower buds for the next year very soon after flowering, so do not prune into the branches.

"I like gardening. It's a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself."
            Alice Sebold
Because Life Should be Beautiful!
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