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Weed Control

Know which weeds you are trying to control and what desirable plants are in the area before you start a weed control program. Talk to our experts so you are using the right product at the right time. Controlling weeds includes using weed barrier cloth and mulch in some areas. Weed prevention stops weed before they get started.

Weed Free Zone



Weed Free Zone
is a combination of four proven weed killers.
Kills over 80 different broadleaf weeds in the lawn. Effective in
cooler weather. Available in ready-to-use, hose-end ready-to-spray
(pictured) and concentrate.

Weed and Grass Preventer

 Weed & Grass Preventer Granules provides an easy way to prevent weed growth around ornamental trees, shrubs and listed flower and vegetable
gardens and other areas where undesired weed growth may occur.
Apply prior to mulching of planted areas. Contains Treflan. Hi-Yield.


Over the Top




Over the Top
Controls grassy weeds that have crept into perennial beds.
Systemic control that can be sprayed over most desired plants. 





Animal Control

Wildlife is fun to watch-until they start eating your plants. When fencing isn't practical, we have many choices in animal repellents. It is usually more effective to change the control program periodically.




Repels All Animal Repellent  
Repels nuisance animals including skunks, raccoons,
squirrels and chipmunks from gardens and planting areas.
Repels through smell, taste and irritation of eyes and nose.
Will not harm animals. Granules last up to 60 days.



Insect Control

Wasp Traps

   Wasp Traps
   All-natural way to control wasps. They hang beautifully outdoors.    
   Simply fill the inner reservoir with just a little sugar water to attract
   the wasps and once they are inside they are stuck and you can enjoy   
   the outdoors.


Lady Bugs   
Predatory insects that eat aphids.  
Get a bagful of 1500 lady bugs.  

Neem oil


Neem Oil
is an all-purpose insecticide, miticide, and fungicide for organic gardening. Kills all stages of insects, eggs, larvae, and adults. Use also for a dormant spray.
Can be used safely on fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, roses, houseplants and flowers.


Disease Control




Fertilome F-Stop Lawn and Garden Fungicide
is now   
available in a ready to spray application as well as granules.   
Use as a protection against lawn and plant disease on roses,   
flowers, shrubs, berries, vegetables and lawns.   





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