Green Thumb garden products are made by the finest manufacturers in the world. They are available at leading garden centers and hardware stores.  Here are a few of the hundreds that are available.

SprayerDesigned to attach to the end of your hose, this sprayer is great for applying fertilizers, insecticides, or fungicides to lawns or gardens. 

No pre-mixing is required. Fingertip on/off control. Solid stream spray up to 30-ft.

Durable polymer construction with brass & die-cast zinc nozzle head and deflector.




Neverkink HoseGreen Thumb Neverkink heavy duty garden hose is self-straightening.

Protective collar guarantees no kinks at the faucet.

Microshield Anti-Microbial Protection Against Mold & Mildew.

Brass Couplings. Protective Collar. Green with exclusive view stripe.

7 Year Warranty.



Soil SoakerSave water with a soaker hose from Green Thumb. 

Water drips through the hose and is distributed evenly over the length of the hose. 

Can be used above ground or underground. 

Made from recycled rubber. 

7 year warranty 



Green Thumb Lawn Fertilizers 


Green Thumb Lawn Fertilizers contain slow-release nitrogen so they are long-lasting and non-burning. The 4 step program has 4 lawn feedings, crabgrass preventer, and broadleaf weed control.

The Weed & Feed controls dandelions and up to 140 different kinds of broadleaf weeds.





Green Thumb means high quality cutting tools like this 30" anvil lopper with dual layer comfort grips.

Power lever cutting action reduces cutting effort by 50% so you can cut through branches up to 1" diameter.

Non-stick coated high carbon steel blade.

Strong and light fiberglass handles.

Lifetime warranty




This Green Thumb forged bypass pruner can cut branches up to " diameter.

Stainless steel blades with comfort grips.

10 year warranty.

Water Timer


Water your lawn with this Green Thumb mechanical water timer.

Set From 30 minutes To 3 hours of watering and it will automatically shut off!

Rugged Plastic construction with brass coupling

Swivels for easy viewing of the dial.




Green Thumb impact sprinklers release water in short bursts. Impacts spray farther than any other sprinkler and work on low water pressure. As a result, they can reach up to 100-ft. in diameter. A spring-loaded arm provides the stream of water close to the ground where it is needed most and also makes it wind-resistant. Extras include a baffle plate to control the height of the stream, a diffuser pin to control the pattern of the stream, and a clip for partial or full circle.


Green Thumb quality shovels are made of chrome nickel alloy steel. Most have a rolled or turned foot pedal on the top of the blade for your foot to rest on when pushing into the ground. The round pointed head on this model provides easier entry into even compacted dirt and the concave blade makes it easier for moving soil.




Use a Green Thumb drop spreader (pictured) for small yard areas. They dispense the material straight down from the hopper with the pull of a hand lever that you operate manually. They do tend to take a bit longer to get the job done, but they offer precision coverage. For large areas you'll want to use the Green Thumb broadcast spreader.


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