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Garden Tools
We have a distinctive selection of pruning tools, long-handled tools, trowels and weeders.



Tub Trugs



Tub Trugs are very versatile. They are ideal for mixing, collecting, pouring,
scooping, building and even carrying liquids. Why not get a couple
of different colors and use them for different jobs?





Garden Gloves
Many different styles to protect your hands. 
Come in now for the pair that's perfect for you.


Plant Stand



Plant Stands  
Choose from indoor or outdoor. 
Decorative stands and tiered stands are available. 


Watering Cans




Watering Cans
Terrific selection of sizes, shapes and colors






Hobby Greenhouses
Protect your plants from cold snaps early in the season





TrellisesTrellises, Cages & Netting

Decorative trellises that will hold up heavy plants for years. We have well-made redwood trellises and decorative metal trellises in all sizes.

Netting in different sizes to keep birds and animals from
your plants.

Extra large and heavy duty tomato cages.

Season Starter


Season Starters (3 pack)
Vegetable gardeners: Plant earlier-Harvest longer.
Surround your plant with 18 tubes holding 3 gallons of water
and you can safely plant 1 month earlier. Reusable.





Dewitt Prospun Landscape Fabric
Controls weeds before they start. Superior light-blocking protects against the toughest perennial weeds. Hydrophilic treated to provide improved water and nutrient flow through the fabric. Excellent for long-term landscapes.



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