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Moonlight Garden

As busy days end, many of us seek refuge in our gardens. A lovely garden by day can become an inspiration, as the moon rises overhead. 

To achieve a garden filled with peaceful reflections requires a variety of plants with white blossoms, silver foliage, and a few fragrant flowers. 

White flowers appear to catch the light reflected from the moon. Larger blooms seem to beam magically, while smaller blooms twinkle like stars. 

Annuals, such as Cosmos ‘Sonata White’ glisten atop 24” stems. Nicotiana ‘Domino White’ provides 2” white flowers reaching 12” in height. Moon Flower is a rapidly growing climber, sharing its fragrant white blooms only at night. ‘Silver Bells’ Browallia is adorned with clear white star-shaped flowers dancing atop its 10” delicate foliage.

There are wonderful night colors in perennials as well. Viola ‘Jewel White’ produces solid white 1 1/4” flowers and at 5” tall is perfect for borders or containers. Astilbe ‘Bridal Veil’ provides a feathery white flower. White bleeding hearts, Shasta daisies and candytuft add beauty while radiating moonbeams.

Silver and grey foliage blend the variations of white, provide depth and add soft textures. Annual dusty miller ‘Silver Lace’ produces lacy foliage reminiscent of filigree. Perennial Artemisias are available in many varieties providing shades of silver and grey. Silver Mound is a compact silver ground cover. No moonlight garden would be complete without the soft velvet silver foliage of lamb’s ear.

Wormwood ‘Powis Castle’ has fern-like foliage and at 3’ tall provides a beautiful backdrop. Native Western Sage can reach heights up to 6 feet and supply both silvery foliage and pleasant aroma. 

Fragrance in the garden awakens the senses. The enticing fragrance of French white lilac is spring’s invitation to the garden. Evening primrose release their pleasant scent just at sunset. Pots of intoxicating flowers like that of night-blooming Jasmine or Gardenia can be placed near benches or paths, then wintered over indoors.

Bring evening sparkle to decks and patios with hanging baskets. Container plantings and hanging baskets with white flowers reflect some of the light of night into the patio or deck. Good choices here would include `Supercascade White’ Petunias or `Carpet of Snow’ Alyssum. 

A combination of these moonlight beauties is sure to add something special to your garden.

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