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 Gardening in Colorado IS Different. 

    Denver Area is semi-arid with low humidity, infrequent rainfall, with lots of bright sunshine, and quickly-changing weather extremes.  It is not uncommon to have severe winds followed by a 70 degree temperature change in 24 hours.  With high altitude gardening you can cross over 3 climate zones in just a few miles.  It can be 60 degrees in January from a bright winter sun, bone dry, with no snow on the ground or you can have early snow in September or even a surprise snowstorm on Mother's Day. We won't even talk about the monstrous thunderstorms with occasional ferocious hail that randomly strike Colorado gardens. 
    The second challenge Colorado gardeners face is the heavy, clay soil that is often found in new garden areas.  It is alkaline and high in calcium; without the addition of lots of organic material, roots can't grow deep into the ground or take up the nutrients they need.
    Echter's has been dealing with Colorado's extremes since 1959.  We can help you have a beautiful lawn and flower garden to enjoy life to it's fullest outdoors in your corner of the world.

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