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Two-Year Warranty Information

Please read carefully.

 We guarantee all of our plants to be labeled correctly and free of insects and disease at time of sale. We will replace any tree, shrub, or rose that fails to survive TWO YEARS from the date of purchase.

The plant must be properly planted in the ground and cared for. Of course, we cannot honor this warranty when the plant has been intentionally abused, left in a container or neglected.    

If a tree, shrub, or rose purchased with our extended warranty fails to survive, bring in the plant and your receipt during the planting season and we will replace it with the same item, ONCE ONLY, free of charge. An extended warranty is not included with the replacement plant.

No substitutions or refunds are permitted. However, if the same size and variety of plant is not available or not appropriate, Echter’s may, at its option only, issue a credit for the amount of the non-warranted price of the returned item which can be applied to a future purchase at Echter's.       

Echter’s assumes no other liabilities beyond the cost of the plant materials.    

You may, if you wish, receive a discount off the regular price in lieu of any warranty. No extended warranties are available for annual or perennial flowers or for indoor plants.   

Please call us at 303-424-7979 at the first sign of decline or abnormality of any of your plants. We may be able to remedy the situation if we are called early enough. 

Save your receipt! We cannot replace plants without a receipt.


MYKE Tree & Shrub 
Five-Year Warranty Details

 Extend your Echter's warranty to a 5-year MYKE warranty. Just buy MYKE Tree and Shrub Growth Supplement with your tree or shrub and use it as directed when you plant.  MYKE contains a naturally occurring mycorrhizal inoculant which encourages vigorous root growth so the plant establishes sooner and enhances the survival of the plant. Returns are still handled through Echter's as the agent for your warranty exchange for MYKE. 

 MYKE is not effective on plants in the blueberry and rhododendron families and they are excluded from this warranty.

 Plant your tree or shrub following Echter's recommendations. When you place your plant into the hole you have dug and before you backfill the amended soil around it, apply MYKE Tree and Shrub Growth Supplement all over the outside of the root ball of the plant. New roots must be in contact with MYKE for the product to work.


 More about MYKE and Complete Warranty Information

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